Kidnapping scene

Here it is. After referring to it countless times, he FINALLY let me write it!!!!


Thorn swirled downward in a huge spiral, heading toward the dark castle below them. Regillion leaned out beside his neck.
“That one.” He whispered, pointing to a huge glass window in the side of one of the towers.
Thorn huffed in acknowledgement and set his course straight toward it.
They whizzed by, so close Thorn’s wing brushed against the stone wall.
“Hush!” Regillion hissed and the dragon whined.
“Shut up, you wimp. Go by again.” He ordered.
Thorn obeyed, and as they flew closer, Regillion stood, his hand on Thorn’s neck for support. A small bag hung from his belt– it would put his weight off balance when he jumped.
Just as Thorn passed the window Regillion leaped, just catching the small latch on the outside of the window. His boots scraped against the stone and he swore under his breath. He hung there, not making a sound or a move, for several minutes. When nothing happened, he carefully let go with one hand and dug around in the bag on his belt. He found a lock pick and brought it out, fishing around in the latch with it.
It clicked a couple times before he managed to flick it open, then pushed against the wall with his feet, swinging the window open.
Now he dangled three feet out from the wall, hanging on only by the small, cold metal latch. He glanced down and immediately regretted it. If he fell it was probably a two hundred foot drop down and the castle ramparts were too close together for Thorn to catch him. He looked back up. He wouldn’t fall. That was all there was to it.
He eased one hand off the latch handle and grasped the ledge on the bottom of the window frame. It was rigidly cold and there was hardly an inch of space for him to get his fingers onto. He wormed his way across it, his fingers aching with the strain of holding himself up. He hissed as his hand slid over something sharp.
Finally he was by the wall again. He reached one hand up toward the open window frame, his fingers seeking a handhold. Suddenly his other hand gave out and he just had time to snatch a hold of the sill before he almost fell. He hung there for a while, trying to make his heart and his breathing calm down.
When they did, he pushed his feet against the wall and heaved himself up over the window sill. Half in, half out he paused and looked around the room.
It was dark, obviously. He shivered. How anyone could sleep in the dark, he couldn’t fathom. Bookshelves, nicknacks and other expensive luxuries lined the walls until at the far end of the room, he saw her bed.
It had a huge lace canopy over it. He made a mental note to have one made back home for her. The pink bed covers draped all the way down to the floor. He couldn’t quite see her, but he could make out the bump her body made under the covers.
He climbed all the way in and crouched on the floor, evaluating what he had to do next. Lock the door to the hall, probably, then go over and wake her up. Or… he could paw through her stuff and try to sort out any little things she might want to take with her. Or, he could wake her up and tell her to do that.
He didn’t know if she was a heavy sleeper or not, so he decided to go with the latter plan. He rose and crept silently across the carpeted floor. Slowly, so painfully slow he turned the key in the lock, then pulled it out. He put it in his pocket and grinned to himself. That would give her family a nice mystery to think on. He turned and as his eyes landed on the bed, he froze.
She was definitely a light sleeper.
He hadn’t made a sound since he came in, yet she was sitting up staring at him with those gorgeous hazel eyes.
“W-what are you doing?” Her voice was a little groggy with sleep, hardly scared at all, mostly just filled with puzzled curiosity.
He shrugged. “Kidnapping you.” She couldn’t get away, may as well tell her the truth.
Her eyes widened. “Why?”
“”Cause I want to.” He came toward her bed.
This was the woman–the girl, actually– who he had been stalking for the past five months. He’d even infiltrated the castle on several occasions, disguised as a leg weary traveler, just to spy on her. She was the one he wanted for company and for companionship. He had no one(besides Thorn) and he was lonely, though he’d never fully admitted that to himself. He only told himself he was bored and wanted someone to entertain him.
She had two older brothers, her family wouldn’t–or shouldn’t, in his reckoning– miss her. The fact that she might miss them had never entered his mind.
And, as a side note, she was a princess, which made him want her all the more.
She was still staring at him, her loose wavy mane of auburn hair framing her face. Her skin was fair, but not pale, her face full, her nose was adorable, her mouth a moderate size; not too big, not too small.
He pulled another bag out from the one that hung at his waist and tossed it on the bed. “You have five minutes to gather anything you want to take with you.”
Surprisingly, she didn’t argue. She slowly, hesitantly, slid out of bed and reached for the bag, her eyes never leaving his face.
She gave him a wide berth as she went around the room, rummaging through her things, glancing at him every few seconds. First, she pulled a dressing gown over her nightgown. As she frowned thoughtfully toward her closet, his voice cut into her thoughts.
“Don’t worry about clothes, I have plenty of them for you.”
She jumped and nodded, stuffing half a dozen things into the bag. Useless things, he thought as he watched her. Probably just memoirs.
“Ready?” He asked as she stood in the middle of the room, clutching the bag and looking around one last time. She nodded.
He went to the window and whistled for Thorn. He whizzed by once, and Regillion turned to the girl. She was staring, her face ghostly pale, at the window.
“Come on, he won’t hurt you.” He said.
She came forward slowly, her bare feet scuffing the carpet. When she was close enough, Regillion grabbed her arm and jerked her to the window. A muffled squeak of surprise came from her mouth as he put an arm around her waist and climbed up onto the windowsill.
“If you make a sound I’ll gag and blindfold you.” He threatened.
She just barely had time to nod before he’s leaped off into thin air. Her mouth involuntarily opened to shriek, but his other hand clapped over her mouth.
“I said, shut up.” He hissed in her ear.
It felt like they were falling forever, when really it was only a second or two. The black dragon flew under them and they landed heavily on his back. He flapped his wings twice and they rose
quickly, heading north away from the castle.


3 thoughts on “Kidnapping scene


    This was awesomeness, and now you don’t have to feel pressured by your promise for more Thorn. For now. For some reason, I keep thinking Reggy’s the dragon and Thorn’s the human, with a blonde braided beard and all. S’not your fault though; I used to be obsessed with this one series where there was a human-dragon named Regidor; and then, of course, there’s Thorn of BB. XDD But you good. ^^

    This explains a lot of WHY R kidnapped N, with T thrown into the mix. So n = rt? My brain’s still hooked on physics formulas. >.> But that’s good: that is, the why factor. It’s kind of cute, the way you portray his thoughts in a way that, though not *adult*, still shows the height of his obsession, for lack of a better phrase, which is admirable. One thing I would recommend: Try to find combinations and//or phrases that work instead of “he insertverb’ or ‘she insertverb’. So instead of “He jumped. He kicked.” try finding alternatives, or switch between name and Idon’tknowtheproperwordbutlikeheorshe, or the like. Just food for thought. ^.^

    Why am I ending in so many smilies? And I like the way your descriptions are realistic; ie when you described his waist-pouch. It *will* throw one off balance if attempting to leap from a dragon (not that I would know], and you added this detail effortlessly. Even more reviewy than last time, huh?

    In short, keep it coming, dear. ^__^

    1. I’m gonna have nightmares about this human Thorn…

      Thanks, I haven’t edited this much at all, so I’ll take that into mind. Yes, this is N he is kidnapping. It just came out that her name is never mentioned. I couldn’t find a good way to introduce her name.

      1. Bwahahahaha, YESH. XDD

        Welcome!! I only wish I could post some of my stuff up somewhere… It occured to me the other day that I’ve been making all these epic plans and I haven’t shared. >.< I'll try to rectify that, promise.

        I hate that!! And then when you're trying to NOT introduce a charrie's name, that's all you ever think seems right. XD

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