~My Multi-Journal Planning System~

Today I'm going to show you all the notebooks and//or journals I use on a semi-regular basis. "Hang on, Lisa" you might be saying. "You're an avid Bullet Journal advocate. Isn't the Bullet Journal system supposed to be ALL THE NOTEBOOKS all in one??" Yes. Yes, it is. But rules are meant to be broken. … Continue reading ~My Multi-Journal Planning System~


~February Recap~

Every single time I sit down to write these posts, I think, "What even happened this month??" This month, actually, the answer is: not a lot? Like, not a lot out of the ordinary? I just kinda kept doing the life-ing and the doing. This recap post might not be very long. My mom bought … Continue reading ~February Recap~

~New Blog Pages and a PRINTABLE~

Hey, y'all! Guess what? I MADE A PRINTABLE. I feel like such a professional human. ANYWAY. Before we get to that I would like to point you toward some new pages here on the blog! If you go up to the page titles right under my blog logo, you will see a new Resources tab. … Continue reading ~New Blog Pages and a PRINTABLE~



  These are two of the BuJo pictures I included in my January recap. I can admit, they are rather nice looking. Two of my followers commented such, gushing over how pretty my BuJo is and how theirs' either aren't very attractive, or they don't use them anymore. My usual response is "That's okay! Everyone's … Continue reading ~Perfection~


~#WIPjoy Day 31: Where to find you(link day)!~

Most of my links are on my About Me page, but I'll also post them here and make sure they're up to date. This blog's facebook page: Lisa Pickle Instagram (rarely updated, usually in bursts): @lisa_pickle Pinterest(storyboards and writing inspiration and weirdness): ~Lisa Pickle~ Goodreads (i'm barely ever on there anymore): Lisa Pickle Twitter (also … Continue reading ~#WIPjoy Day 31: Where to find you(link day)!~