~January Recap~

SO. Fun fact: I didn't do a December recap because the end of December was relatively crazy and I was preparing to do #WIPjoy all this last month. That means this post will be SORT of also a Christmas recap because I want to show y'all some of the presents I got. LORD OF THE … Continue reading ~January Recap~


~I have returned~

~Hey humans guess what *whispers* your pickle has returned I honestly don't know where to start. I guess "I MISSED YOU ALL I'M SO SORRY I WAS GONE FOR NINE ETERNITIES BUT I HAVE RETURNED HOW ARE YOU ALL PLEASE COME BACK" will work. BUT YES I am fully aware that over the summer I … Continue reading ~I have returned~

~March Recap~

Yooooooo, it's that time again. Another month has flown by and it's time to play the game where I try to remember what has happened and fail mediocre-ly. Also, side note: first monthly recap on the new blog! I redid the blog design just after I posted the February recap last month. I even have … Continue reading ~March Recap~


~February Recap: Late because I am lazy.

Herro, humans. I have finally dragged myself back to my blog and forced myself to hit the 'write new post' button and actually write words in this wordy-field. I should have had this post out last Saturday, but I didn't make myself do it, so it didn't happen. Honestly, I have no excuse. We're moved … Continue reading ~February Recap: Late because I am lazy.



YO. PEOPLE. A RECAP. HERE ON THE BLOG. ARE THINGS RETURNING TO NORMAL???? Ha, there is no such thing as normal here. BUT THIS IS A MONTHLY RECAP. We haven't have a monthly recap since like... September. I think. Maybe August. BUT FOR THE RECORD: At the end of September I was in California for … Continue reading ~JANUARY RECAP~