~2019 Bullet Journal-Planner Hybrid Setup~

It's the middle of April! And I'm finally showing you my 2019 planner setup! That I started in February! Because I don't follow the Gregorian calendar system! I do actually use the same calendar everyone else does, but I also didn't truly start my 2019 planner setup until February because I was traveling over the … Continue reading ~2019 Bullet Journal-Planner Hybrid Setup~


~Finishing Broken Wing~

I finished Broken Wing! ... like forty zillion years ago. Okay, not that long ago, but it was back in January XD And I haven't actually finished it three times... I've just written it 2 and 7/8 times XD ANYWAY. I wrote this most recent draft over the course of a year. I started it … Continue reading ~Finishing Broken Wing~