~#WIPjoy Day 23: What’s one thing you’d change about the past?~

Simon: I can’t change the past.

Me: Well, pretend you could. What’s something you would change, if you could?

Simon: *frowns*

Me: Your procedure, your memory loss…?

Simon: *frowns harder* I don’t think I would change them. I wish they hadn’t happened, but wishing is different from being able to change it. What happened happened and it’s part of my life now.

Me: What about you, Elias?

Elias: Everything.

Simon: What?

Elias: I’d change everything. The stupid facility, your stupid bird surgery, signing up for the military–



Me: Okay yes but don’t answer with spoilers.

Tomorrow: Favorite way to relax?

~#WIPjoy Day 22: Describe yourself in five words~

 (Due to the size of my cast, each of the questions this week will only be answered by a few of the characters who best fit each question.)

 Q: Describe yourself in five words.

 Simon: Describe myself? I don’t… I don’t know how to describe myself.

 Me: Okay, have Brittany do it.

 Simon: *turns to Brittany* How could you describe me, Brit?

 Brittany: *gazes at him**cocks head* Hmmm. You’re… strong, I think. Definitely protective. Very caring. Your flock is very important to you.

 Simon: That was way more than five words, but okay.

 Brittany: How would you describe me?

 Simon: Fragile. In need of protection. Delicate. Small.


 Me: Okay, Calvin and Blaine. Describe each other.

 Blaine: I can’t describe him. I can’t see him.

 Calvin: Not what I look like. How I am. What you think of me.

 Blaine: Oh. Well then. *frowns* This would still be a lot easier if I could see you.

 Calvin: Okay, I’ll go first. You’re smart, like really smart, but you purposely hide it under a bland, vacant-ish exterior.

 Blaine: You’re supposed to use five words, not twenty five.

 Calvin: Hush, I’m not done. But you’re sweet and caring and gentle and you notice so much, it’s kind of disturbing considering you can’t see.

 Blaine: Um, thanks.

 Calvin: Your turn.

 Blaine: I still don’t know. You’re like… you’re tough and a good leader and all that, but half of that is fake. You hide behind your weapons and leather armor and your stupid grin because it makes you feel safe.

 Calvin: I thought you said you couldn’t see me.

 Blaine: I can’t, but you just said I notice things.

 Calvin: And it’s creepy.


 Me: Brent, you describe Keira.

 Brent: *brow wrinkles* she’s… complicated. I think she’s in pain. In her head; her mind. She’s so confused and it hurts so much to watch. I’m glad I can help her, even if it’s not much.

Tomorrow: What’s one thing you’d change in your past?

~#WIPjoy Day 21: I’m most impatient to hear reader reactions to…~

All of it.

Okay, I know that doesn’t narrow it down very much. But it’s the truth. I live for reader reactions anyway, and I love general feedback. The reactions I got for a certain character death I wrote a while ago were priceless, but now that death probably won’t happen in the books. If it does, it’ll be part of the ending of the last book.

Because Calvin and Blaine as a couple is rather recent and I haven’t explored it much, it’ll be nice to know what readers think of them, to help me figure out what I think of them XD

The new characters in book two will probably evoke some good reactions.

 Tomorrow starts Character Takeover week where each question will be answered by the characters in their own words. With this large of a cast, next week is sure to be interesting!

Describe yourself in five words.

~#WIPjoy Day 20: The relationship I root most for is…~

Are you serious?? You expect me to pick one???

There are actually a lot of ships in Broken Wing. With a cast this large, it’s not surprising. Each of them are special to me (OBVIOUSLY) but if I HAD to narrow it down

Actually no. Never mind. I can’t narrow it down.


There’s Simon and Brittany, and I guess they’re my favorite if I have to pick (WHICH I CAN’T). They’re the most important to the plot, I guess? They’re relationship is definitely featured more than the others.

Then there’s Keira and Brent and their relationship (if you could call it that) is heartbreaking and pain and aching and sadness and all those wonderful things.

Calvin and Blaine are actually a fairly new development (as in, they happened in my 2015 NaNo. So this development is over a year old. It’s still new though). I’m excited to see where their relationship with go.

And there’s Elias and Miki and i HONESTLY DON’T KNOW HOW THEIR RELATIONSHIP EVEN WORKS. Basically; he gets angry, she yells at him, he calms down.

In book two I think Solomon might meet someone special, but that’s not confirmed yet. I’m just going to sit back and let them figure out whether it’s official or not.

I love them all.

Tomorrow: I’m most impatient to hear reader reactions to…

~#WIPjoy Day 19: I love my world//setting because…~

I honestly do love my setting. Setting is definitely one of my top favorites of any book I write. I love immersing myself in the world and knowing as much about it as I can.

As for Broken Wing’s setting, the SceptCo facility, I love it because I’ve never written ANYTHING like it before. My other books are set in fantasy or modern fantasy worlds. All the science and laboratories and futuristic technology in SceptCo is so fascinating and new for me. I will never tire of exploring it and learning more about it.

As for the WORLD of Broken Wing, I only recently (as in, three days ago) discovered exactly what the world WAS. I’m not familiar with it yet at all because it’s brand new, but it involves a cold war and nuclear activity.

I’m excited.

Tomorrow: the relationship I root most for is…