~2018 Bullet Journal setup~

HALLO YES I'M FINALLY GIVING Y'ALL THIS BLOG POST. I'm sorry it's been so long. Three months into the year and only now you're getting my New Year's BuJo post. ANYWHO. I've sort of hinted and shown you pictures of my bujo in the last two monthly recaps and HONESTLY it's pretty similar to the … Continue reading ~2018 Bullet Journal setup~


~Bullet Journal Spreads: Introducing the Priority Ladder!~

~I posted a picture on Instagram on Wednesday of a new spread I made in my Bullet Journal. One I've been sorely in need of for a while now and had never gotten around to actually implementing. I present to you, the Priority Ladder. Now I'm sure this idea has been done before and probably … Continue reading ~Bullet Journal Spreads: Introducing the Priority Ladder!~

~New Bullet Journal video~

I interupt your regularly scheduled program to announce THAT I HAVE FINALLY FILMED THE BULLET JOURNAL VIDEO I PROMISED LIKE NINE YEARS AGO. (actually like four weeks ago but shh.) In this video I recap the rest of my old BuJo and give a flip through of my new one. IMPORTANT NOTICE OF DOOM: Please … Continue reading ~New Bullet Journal video~


~Mega Bullet Journal Post of Doom~

Alright. This post has been a long time coming. Several months ago I think I asked if you dear followers would like me to make a general, intro-type Bullet Journal post and the feedback was positive. (I think. I'm going by memory here XD) So. This post won't be TOO very intro//how-to//blah blah. Mostly this … Continue reading ~Mega Bullet Journal Post of Doom~