~New Blog Design + GIVEAWAY!~

~SO I REDID MY BLOG in case that wasn't obvious. AND I MADE MYSELF AN OFFICIAL LOGO after only 4 years of blogging. In my recap post last week I mentioned I was thinking about redoing my blog and then BOOM on Monday I did. I didn't fully think through it though, and not all … Continue reading ~New Blog Design + GIVEAWAY!~


~Introducing InCoWriMo~

Apparently I have a thing for monthly challenges. I come off #WIPjoy and swing straight into February with a new challenge, on top of moving (for real this time). ANYWAY. InCoWriMo stands for International Correspondence Writing Month. The idea is to write and deliver one letter, card, post card, or note, every day in the … Continue reading ~Introducing InCoWriMo~