~#WIPjoy Week 1~

Alright, here we are with the first week of #WIPjoy! I must admit, this is a little weird, clumping a week's worth of prompts into one post. I hope it doesn't take away any of the fun for y'all. P.S. I am going to be skipping some of these prompts, so don't freak out if … Continue reading ~#WIPjoy Week 1~


~It’s Not About You – Beyond Abuse series, Part 1~

~This is the first post in a series about living with the effects of abuse. This post does not contain anything specifically triggering so I strongly encourage anyone who has gone through a traumatic experience to read this. Subsequent posts that may contain triggering content will have a 'read more' tag. It is not my … Continue reading ~It’s Not About You – Beyond Abuse series, Part 1~