The Muse

What is the muse? That invisible, mysterious being that attacks at 12:30 am with the most fantastic ideas and plots, all of which will be forgotten by morning? That being that all writers, artists, and creators alike are enslaved too, cannot escape, and yet don’t want to?
The muse… for those of you who are lucky enough not to have had a muse attach itself to you and claim you for itself own… just wait. In the meantime, I will do my best to prepare for this Attack of the Muse.
The muse is invisible, it is a hard task master, it is mysterious, it always has a new surprise in store for you(usually revealed at 12:30 in the morning).
Ahh, the moment. That excruciatingly painless attack. One moment you are fast asleep, your head filled with wonderful dreams, reality all but forgotten. Then, the next moment, she strikes. (My muse is a female, some have genders, some do not.) You are wide awake, half of you trying to figure out just how you got awake and the other half of you being taken on a wild ride by your muse. New worlds, new characters, new plots! You laugh with her, gasp in horror and surprise at the horrendous things she shows you, blush as you feel embarrassment of these new characters, scream with them in moments of blinding fear.
Then… you’re back in your bedroom. She’s gone. You stare at the ceiling. What on earth just happened? You think.
Then you hear a voice. It’s coming from inside your head.
“Hello? Umm… can we have some attention here? We’re kind of lonely…” It says.
Oh, no. It’s happened before.
“Noooooo…” you groan. “No, not more new characters! I’m not even done with the last ones she gave me!”
She pops back in for a second.
“Well, these ones need attention now, and they need it from you. The others can wait.” And off she goes again to her unknown universe.
You try to think back at the things she showed in that flash… the flash, the flash of inspiration. You can’t remember much. Only one or two things come back in a foggy, hazy vision. A battle maybe, a love story, a burning castle, a poor little boy who just broke his leg. But where do they all fit in?
You sigh. You know how she works. She will show you ‘in all due time’. That’s what she always says.
You roll over and pull the covers up to your chin, hoping to regain sleep. Then, there is another voice.
“Hey, you can’t go back to sleep! YOUR muse just dumped us here and we have a story, and it needs to be written NOW!”
You relent and allow these new characters to tell you their story, their heartaches, their hidden passions and temptations. Once again– it’s happened to many times before– you run off with them in a flight of fancy, becoming emotionally attached to each and every one of them. You know, sooner or later, down the road, their story will be written, laid out bare for all readers to see, and then it will be all over. You will be depressed, heartbroken. How could you ever go on? No, no, you won’t think about that. This is too fun! Look at all this new stuff just waiting, waiting! For… YOU! For you to write it. That’s all that stands between them and their dream… YOU! You can’t wait til the morning when you can start writing in that fitful frenzy from which you never want to wake.
And all the while, your muse stands off to the side, watching your progress, prodding you along when you became sluggish or are stumbling through a tough scene, waiting til the opportune moment, that perfect midnight hour in which she springs once again with all new material to frustrate you with.
My friends, simply, the muse creates. Unfortunately, she chooses to use people as her path of creativity, taking them along whether they want to go or not.


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