~#WIPjoy Day 7: Which two characters have the most interesting history?~

Which two characters have the most interesting history?

Omo I have some great character histories in this cast.

I would have to say Regillion and Kail win for first place though. Kail is Nevaeh’s older brother, and around the same age as Regillion. Since they were tiny baby childs, Kail has hated Regillion and Reggie mildly returns the feeling. They’ve never played well together, even with other children in the mix, and when they were young teens they purposely antagonized each other to the point of getting in trouble for it. Since Reggie’s parents have died and he’s lived outside of the Capital building, their dislike of each other has calmed, but Kail’s always the first to return to those feelings. Regillion, more or less, doesn’t care anymore.

Another good pair with some history is Nevaeh and Elisabeth. Elisabeth has been friends with Nevvy and her brothers since they were children, but she and Nevaeh were always besties. If I remember rightly, Elisabeth’s mother used to be a cook at the Capital Building, but Elisabeth opted to run her own bake-shop instead of following in her mother’s shoes. Her bakery is references a few times as ‘Elisa-Bakery’. It devastated Elisabeth when Nevaeh was kidnapped and I’m not sure how their friendship will pick up once Nevaeh returns to the Capital Building.

In third place stands Kail and Elisabeth. Kail’s had a crush on Elisabeth since they were middle-grade age, and once they reached late teens, they officially began dating. When they’re introduced in the book, they’ve been together for three or four years. They do plan on getting married, but with Kail being trained to be an advisor to the Governor (aka: Regillion. That’ll be fun) and Elisabeth not willing to give up her bakery, they’re not sure how marriage would work out at this point.

And an honorable mention goes to Nevaeh’s parents, Regent and Monami. Regent’s a human and Monni’s half nymph. They met when Regent got lost in an enchanted forest and Monni had to help him get unlost XD

Tomorrow: Name something experienced with each sense in your WIP.


4 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Day 7: Which two characters have the most interesting history?~

    1. Yes, Kail and Reggie have to work together XD By then they MIGHT have grown up a bit more, but no one knows for sure XD

      Thank you! I actually came up with it on the fly when I needed to mention it. I’m glad it stuck ^.^

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