~My Multi-Journal Planning System~

journal collection

Today I’m going to show you all the notebooks and//or journals I use on a semi-regular basis.

“Hang on, Lisa” you might be saying. “You’re an avid Bullet Journal advocate. Isn’t the Bullet Journal system supposed to be ALL THE NOTEBOOKS all in one??”

Yes. Yes, it is.

But rules are meant to be broken.

And I break them fabulously.

(At least I hope I do.)

 (More information on the Bullet Journal system here)

 As I gathered up all of these notebooks from their various homes around my room, I was amused to see how many there were. “Oh, wow, it looks like I have seven or eight here!”


I have ten.

(Actually eleven because I literally just remembered one that I forgot to photograph XD)


(so many notebooks)

Some of these you already know about or have many seen or heard of in passing, but today I’m going to give you a THOROUGH tour through each of these notebooks, what I use them for, and why I appreciate them so much.

But before we quite get into that, let me expound a little more on the Bujo vs. multi-journal system debate. It IS true that the Bullet Journal is supposed to be the one and only, be-all-end-all notebook, so that you don’t HAVE to have ten (or eleven) notebooks floating around.

But for me, personally, I find this is better than trying to keep all of these different subjects and uses in my BuJo. Honestly, if I kept all of this in one notebook, I’d be starting a new Journal every month.

It’s all about finding exactly what works right for you. You don’t have to 100% commit to any one system. Take bits and pieces from different ideas and make them work for you. If it makes your life easier, you’re doing it right.

Official Bullet Journal(s)


You’re already quite familiar with my every-day BuJo. This one has (mostly) all of the traditional Bullet Journal aspects. My monthlies, dailies, habit trackers, and essential collections go in this one.

This second BuJo, the one on the top, is what I sort of think of as my ‘long-term’ BuJo, or my ‘stay at home’ BuJo. In here I have ALL the other collections that don’t go in my every-day BuJo. I have sensitive information in here (like addresses, phone numbers, and my password log) that I don’t want to be carting around with me in public. Then I have fun, unimportant lists that I make when the whim hits me, that I rarely if ever refer back to again.


I also keep daily and nightly routines written down in here.

Random things like reading lists, bucket lists, wish lists, tv show lists, book playlists, birthday lists, prayer lists.

All the lists.


I also make memory pages or fun, thoughtful spreads like “What makes me happy?” and “Self Care Actions”

Basically anything sort of BuJo-related, but whatever doesn’t fit in any of the other notebooks.

Health Journals


Next we have my Health Journal and what I call my Medical Journal (‘medical’ is a bit too stuffy a term for it, but I can’t have two Health journals)

The pretty, bright, rainbow-y one on the left is my Health Journal. I keep a log here of lifestyle changes I make and also issues or complaints I have. This way I can look back to see when I first started noticing an issue, or when I started a certain activity that might have affected my health.


The pretty pink one on the right is my ‘Medical’ Journal. In this one I tape articles from magazines, write down research ideas I want to pursue, or anything else related to a general knowledge of health.

Personal Journal and Writing Journal


Left we have a journal with a cover that’s actually a replica of a hand-tooled leather seventeenth century Bible cover. (It’s made by Peter Pauper Press if you want to find one like it. They have a lot of cool replica-type covers.) This is my all-purpose, general diary//journal//Morning Pages notebook. I don’t write in it as often as I should or wish to, but I’m making an effort to get in the habit of journaling in at least ONE of these notebooks on a daily basis XD

On the right is my Writing Journal, which I started at the beginning of the year after reading this inspiring post by Deb. I’m nowhere near close to writing in it every day, like the goal is, but it’s very fun and inspiring to write ideas in it and sort of chronicle my writing process.

Blog Planner


This is my lovely, chunky, unwieldy Day Runner planner that I put my printed out Blog Post Planner sheets in. On the inside is also a little notebook with random blog information (color codes, font names, logo ideas) as well as lists of blog post ideas. I can tuck the front cover into the little flap on the inside of the Day Runner cover, so it doesn’t fall out when I move it.



Everything Else


(That header is actually a lie since I remembered another couple notebooks I forgot to include in my photo shoot XD)

And then we have my lesser used, but no less important, notebooks. From left to right, we have: my sketchbook, my name book, and my Doula Journal (affectionately called ‘DoJo’ XD).

The sketchbook is quite self explanatory, but I thought I would mention it contains my Beauty and the Beast art piece, as well as some practice manga sketches.


The name book is where I write down EVERY. SINGLE. NAME. IDEA. EVER. Seriously. It’s a wonderful resource, even though I honestly don’t reference it very often? I’m more likely to remember a good name idea if I write it down. And even if I don’t remember, I often see previous names when I write in new ones, and I get inspired by them all over again.

(i also include random cool-sounding title ideas too)

My Doula Journal is everything related to my ProDoula workshop and certification. I copied all of my workshop notes into this notebook and I keep track of things I need to research for my certification. Once I have clients and I’m doing more business-y things, I’ll be keeping that information in there too.


After starting this blog post I realized I forgot to take pictures of the sketchbook//blank page journal that lives on my jewelry workbench and contains design sketches and lists of things I want to make, and also my gaming notebook where I keep random information and to-do lists for the various online games I play.


Well, there it is! All ten twelve notebooks I employ on a semi-regular basis! I hope you found this interesting and are maybe even inspired to start a new journal or two of your own.

Much love

Your Pickle of Doom


6 thoughts on “~My Multi-Journal Planning System~

  1. Your BuJo twin here. 3-book Bullet Journal, each devoted to distinct categories. And a Hobo Weeks for goals and associated projects, steps, deadlines. Tried “just one” but it caused more pain than gain. Then it finally hit me: grade school through high school through college through grad school — each subject had its own notebook and it worked beautifully. Lesson learned, and cemented!

    1. Yup! To each their own! That’s why I love the Bullet Journal system; because there aren’t really any set ‘rules’, everyone can tweak and change it to fit their life.

  2. Your level of organisation is INCREDIBLE and very very admirable! I barely keep up one journal (and all I do is list what books I’m reading ah haha ahem). So I’ll just be in awe of the organisation here. ;) Also I LOVE that really old-fashioned looking journal. 😍

  3. Seeing all your journals is SO FUN EEP. Thanks for sharing! :D I used to do this too! I had one for writing, one for books I read, one for devotionals, one for short stories I read, one for regular diary-stuff, one for schoolwork, and various scattered around for todo lists and things, as well as extras for various of my books! But I’ve slowly been combining things over the years because I just can’t keep up with so many. XD So currently I’m down to bullet journal keeping all my lists and what I’m reading and other random things, and a writing journal. I do fill up my bullet journal a lot quicker than I could, so sometimes I have to transfer aaall the things and it takes a bit (I’m on my fourth bullet journal and I only started just over a year ago, last March) but it seems to work, even though I kind of get lost in there sometimes. XD Oh, and I’ve taken to keeping info about all the books I read in a Scrivener document instead of a journal these days. I LOVE IT. I have a separate document for each book and I just duplicate a template where I can put aaall the info (title, page numbers, favorite characters, review if I write one, etc.) and it’s so fun. :D

    1. That’s a really cool idea! I keep book ideas that are getting serious in Scrivener and I’ve been using my Writing Journal for more like new ideas and sort of like a journal about writing. I’m glad the Bullet Journal system is working for you! Even if you go through them really fast, as long as it works for you and it helps your life be easier, that’s the whole point.

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