~New Blog Pages and a PRINTABLE~


Hey, y’all! Guess what?


I feel like such a professional human.

ANYWAY. Before we get to that I would like to point you toward some new pages here on the blog! If you go up to the page titles right under my blog logo, you will see a new Resources tab. With a leetle arrow next to it.

Hover over the arrow.

You should see this.



Okay, maybe this isn’t the hugest deal but I AM SO VERY PROUD OF MYSELF for figuring it out. And I didn’t even break anything in the process. Yay me!

Anyway. You will see three sub pages in that little drop down menu thingy. The first is “Bullet Journal Resources” which has links to some fabulous bloggers who write about Bullet Journaling. The third one, ‘Self Care’ is currently empty because I haven’t written or compiled much info on that yet. Trust me, it will come. It’s a new project of mine that you WILL see on the blog here soon.


It says “LisaPickle Printables”

Click it.

(In a new tab so you can refer back to this blog post easily.)

Now. You can read all about the printable there on the page. I won’t recap that here. What I AM going to recap here is how to print that printable at half page size, so you can get two per page. (If you want to. If you don’t want to then just print it like normal without changing any settings and it’ll print full size, one per page.)

Click the text under the image that says “Blog Post Planner”. It will take you to a PDF file. Download it and open it so you’re viewing the PDF file from your computer, not the browser.

Should look something like this.


Clicky the little printer icon on the top left. This window should pop open. (I say ‘should’ because this is what it looks like for me and I hope it looks the same for you.)


Clicky da little drop down window here.


Select ‘multiple pages per sheet’ and (next image) Pages per sheet ‘2’ and Page Order ‘Horizontal’.


NOW PRINT. The annoying part is over, I promise. Now for the fun part.

The reason why I wanted to show y’all how to print two per page is because of how I ended up using this printable for blog planning.

I used an old ring planner to hold these printables. I print two per page, and then turn the paper around and put it back in the printer and print them again on the other side. (Pay attention to which way your printer prints, so each side won’t be upside-down from the other.) Then I cut them in half and hole-punch them (I had to do these individually because my planner has 6 rings).


And now I have a dozen or so sheets in here, printed on both sides, so I can plan or write down ALL THE BLOG POST IDEAS of ever and as I get ideas or plan or write them, I can jot down details or notes for each.

I actually made this printable during #WIPjoy so I’ve been using and testing it for a few weeks and I love it! I do want to tweak it and change it to be better though, so if you download it and use it, PLEASE tell me what you think! If an improvement occurs to you (even if it’s a drastic change) let me know! I might even make several different versions to meet different blogger needs.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial (and I hope it was useful and easy to follow???) and this printable helps you out if you decide to use it! And don’t forget about the other new pages! Keep an eye on them for when new content is added.

Much love

From your excited Pickle



4 thoughts on “~New Blog Pages and a PRINTABLE~

  1. Ahh this is so spectacular and organised and makes me want to actually know what I’m going to blog about so I can print your printable!! 😂

    1. I’m sure you can find a way to use it! You don’t have to use it exactly the way I do. And if there’s a different format that you think would work better for you, let me know! I’m totally up to making several different kinds to meet different people’s needs.

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