These are two of the BuJo pictures I included in my January recap. I can admit, they are rather nice looking. Two of my followers commented such, gushing over how pretty my BuJo is and how theirs’ either aren’t very attractive, or they don’t use them anymore.

My usual response is “That’s okay! Everyone’s journey is different! Don’t compare yourself to others!”

All of that is true. I’ve said it a hundred times and I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times.

But you know what? Only in the last few couple weeks have my BuJo spreads been that nice. Only when I got in the habit of dedicating time every day and really using my BuJo, did it start taking on this beautiful transformation.

This blog post is not about ‘the key to having a bujo is dedication’.

This blog post is about how my life is not as pretty as my BuJo.

You may look at my pretty spreads, or anyone else’s pretty spreads, or see someone’s awesome photography and perfectly put together outfit. They look picture perfect.

But it’s only a picture, y’all.

In the same notebook as those pretty spreads, are pages like this. This was all I could manage when I was working last year. I picked up my BuJo maybe once a week. I have tons of empty or failed habit trackers and collection pages, because I had a good idea, but literally no time or energy to follow through.


But that was okay. My main priority was working, not having a perfect Bullet Journal.

Nowadays, I have a beautiful journal, and yet this past weekend my cat got sick and I was worried out of my mind and God had to teach me to trust Him and give it to Him.

I have all the fun pens and cute stamps, but I fight a terrible habit of laziness on a daily basis.

I have gorgeous, colorful headers, but I don’t give myself grace and I beat myself up for not being a magical amount of ‘productive’.

I’m filling in my habit tracker every day, but those habits are reminders to take my pills, eat well, take care of my body because of my health issues.

What my Bullet Journal looks like is not a reflection on how perfect my life is. Your Bullet Journal may be collecting dust on a bookshelf, or it may just be messy to-do lists scrawled in your worst handwriting. But you may be more dedicated to your blog than me. You might be in better health than me.

Your Bullet Journal does not reflect your life either. Just because your BuJo isn’t picture perfect, doesn’t mean your life is a failure.

We are so much more than the pictures we post.


7 thoughts on “~Perfection~

  1. This is a lovely post and sooo true! I think people feel that way about people’s instagrams too and such. Like things don’t HAVE to be a reflection of other things (if that makes sense haha)…I think anyone is awesome for sticking to any kind of journal, whether it’s super arty or not!!

    1. it’s honestly a shame, I think, when people only post ‘perfect’ pictures of themselves or their lives. No one can relate to those, they’re (often) not even very interesting, and they get redundant. Real life is so much more interesting XD

  2. Man, this is such a great reminder. I have to keep reminding myself that just because the picture looks perfect, that doesn’t mean that what’s behind that picture is perfect.

    Also, haha, love the intro pic. Just a little bit off. Not quite perfect. :D

  3. Excellent points! I purposefully don’t make my bjournal too perfect because I just haven’t had time and knew I’d only keep up with it if I allowed myself to do a normal one, but I still love looking at other peoples’! But yes, you’re so right about the representation of picture perfect things! :O Excellent post — thank you! :) I think we all need to think about this sometimes…

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