~#WIPjoy Day 24: Your MC’s workday~

wipjoy day 24

This question is definitely for Brittany XD


Brittany: I wake up around 6:00 every morning. Sometimes 5:30 if I have a project I’m excited about or obsessed with. I eat breakfast and usually go over my plans for the day or look over my notes from the previous day. By 7:30 I’m usually in the lab or doing online research. I’m the head research scientist in the division dedicated to creating serums and formulations that keep the experiments alive through and after the operation, and help their bodies meld to the new muscle masses placed in them. I work with a lot of blood samples and have consulted the division of the lab that makes the wings. Though it’s not technically part of my duties, I also end up researching a lot of physiological things for after the birds come through their operation. One major flaw that became known to me after I met Simon was that he was unable to moult, so I went about researching and creating a serum that helped him shed his feathers in a timely manner and encouraged growth of new ones. I find it hard to stay focused only on creating survival formulas without also taking into consideration the entire project, from emotional to psychological to even other bodily functions that may be affected by the operation.

I like my work, so it’s quite easy for me to put in ten or twelve hour workdays without realizing it. All scientists and technicians are supposed to be out of their offices and the labs by 8:00pm, but a few times the lights have gone out on me or I’ve been found by security guards doing their nighttime rounds and been requested to go back to my apartment.

Sometimes I forget to eat lunch, but when I do remember, it’s around noon or 1:00. Dinner is served from 5:30 to 7:00 in the evening, so I have to make sure I get to the dining room on time. By then I’m usually starving from working all day, so I rarely forget to eat dinner.

When I do go back to my apartment after dinner, if I don’t work too late, I usually still stay up for several hours and do my own organic reading and further independent study. Technically I’m still in college, though I have finished my first four year degree. SceptCo is counting my work in the lab toward my second degree, so in the evenings I try to put in a few hours of study in the other areas I need for school.

So it’s not until 10:00 or 11:00 that I actually get in bed and turn the light out.


(P.S. Simon is now staring at Brittany and probably debating if it’s worth it or not to argue with her over taking care of herself better.)

This question was really fun to write about.

Much love

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