~WIPjoy Day 22: Antagonist’s side goals~

wipjoy day 22

Antagonist questions are always hard for me because usually my antagonist isn’t a person, it’s a an organization or an idea or an issue. With Broken Wing, it’s SceptCo, which is a company, a group of people, a mindset.

SceptCo’s main goals are obviously to enhance the human race through manual and controlled evolution and to continually research all avenues of science and learning.

Side goals would probably be along the lines of brain and mental function enhancement or tampering. The operation they did on Keira involved some changes to her brain, though they mostly just wanted to enhance her sight and other senses. So I guess brain alterations is an interest they have, but it’s not the main goal (yet).

SceptCo is also partially government funded. They research and experiment with specific things the government asks them to look into, mostly in relation to how to enhance soldiers for combat. Their main goal isn’t really to help the government or make soldiers, but since the government is interested in using their discoveries of human evolution, then they’re sort of working together (aka SceptCo accepting their funds XD).

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