~#WIPjoy Day 13: A magical moment in the story~

wipjoy day 13


the whole book

(i have the worst answers for every single prompt)

(go me)

OKAY. Having not yet started the next draft of this book, and also looking back at my original draft (the better of the two that I’ve written so far), uuummmmmmm

The first time Simon flies out in the open, and not confined to the flight room is pretty amazing. For months he’s only been allowed to practice flying in a room (albeit a huge room: probably almost a square mile). There are vents in the floor and walls to create artificial air drafts and it’s high enough for them to learn how to dive and break a fall and stuff like that. But Simon’s never flown in the fresh air, out under the sun, with nothing but trees and land as far as the eye can see. The first time he does it a special moment for him and probably when it really hits home that he’s gotten emotional attached to his wings and would miss them if they were gone.

Also the first time he takes a real bath is special, but mostly just adorable to the reader. At SceptCo the birds are forced to take showers, which is awkward and frustrating to do with their wings. Simon and the others yearn to be able to take a real bath in a large body of water.

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4 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Day 13: A magical moment in the story~

    1. yuuuus. Cuz he realizes how emotionally attached he’s become to his wings, even though he hates them and what they mean. But they’re now a part of him and he’s come to rely on them and even enjoy the freedom and power and stuff they give him.

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