~#WIPjoy Day 10: A character friendship you love~

wipjoy day 10

All of them?????

Seriously the relationships amongst my cast are definitely one of my favoritest things about Broken Wing. That is one awesome thing about having a large cast; the dynamics and interaction and different levels of relationships are amazing.

If I had to narrow it down by friendship, Brittany and Blaine definitely win.

Blaine and Brit

Brittany and Blaine form a bond over feeling trapped at SceptCo and being forced to do things against their nature. Both are very sweet and give off a naive air, but Brittany is a literal genius and Blaine grew up fighting for her food and her life.

I also really like the bond between Miki and Silver. They’re sisters, but they’re not just sisters. They will fight literally and figuratively for each other.

Simon and Elias are another pair that warm my heart. Elias was adopted into Simon’s family when he was 5 and Simon was 8. From the very beginning Simon never treated him differently and acted as if they’d always been brothers. As adults Elias is very protective of Simon, especially once he discovers everything going on at SceptCo.

Seriously, there are so many non-romantic friendships in this book I could go on and on. Jason and his sister Keefa. Simon and Calvin. Blaine and Miki. Blaine and Silver.

I just really love all the friendships in this book okay. I like friendships. Friendships are good things.

~Your Pickle


6 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Day 10: A character friendship you love~

  1. Friendships are amazing and full of excellence and ahhh. 😍 I also think books are way stronger for having non-romantic relationships featuring as well.

    1. I KNOW RIGHT. Sibling pairs are more often in YA than close platonic, BFF type friendships. But those types of friendships are the BEST to write and read about. True BFF relationships are actually pretty common in my books XD

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