~#WIPjoy Day 9: A line that makes you grin~

wipjoy day 9

To be honest, this entire story makes me grin.

But I’ll see if I can find just one line.

I discover a pond ringed with trees and wade in. The water is too cold but I don’t care. It feels so invigorating and refreshing that I want to dip myself into it. So I do.

The water flattens my hair against my head and invades my nose, freezes my eyes, and makes me gasp for air. My wings twitch, flicking water all over me again. It feels like an involuntary movement, like my wings do it out of habit.

I twitch them again and again, showering drops of water everywhere. My feathers fluff up and I can feel the cool water touching the skin on my wings. It feels so good.

It feels clean.

I don’t know how long I spend playing in the pond, washing myself and my feathers, feeling the dirt and the sweat wash away, but eventually I remember Brittany back in the nest and I trudge out of the pond. I leave a watershed path behind me.


I’m so funny.

Backstory: Simon found a pond in the woods and took a birdbath and he thought the word ‘watershed’ was funny.

I get all the feels every time I read this chapter.

much love

Your Pickle


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