~#WIPjoy Day 5: Your MC’s greatest yearning~

#WIPjoy day 5


I believe this is one of those books where the MC’s yearnings change and develop as the story progresses. I know that’s certainly true for Simon.



At the beginning Simon yearns to go back and be the person he was before the operation. He wants to go back to being a normal college kid. Then as he learns more about SceptCo and meets Brittany and the others, his focus turns to keeping them safe and protecting them. Throughout the story though, in both books, his main wish is just to be left alone to live out his days in safety, with the rest of his flock under his care. There is a part of him that continues to wish none of it had ever happened, but he doesn’t waste time bemoaning his lot in life.


When Brittany was in college all she wanted was to become a leading scientist and researcher. Her dream was to work at SceptCo. Once she transferred and started seeing what the inside of the company was like, she just focused on her work and tried not to be noticed. She was relatively happy to survive and be able to work in a laboratory. After she meets Simon and can no longer deny what’s happening around her, she dedicates herself to helping Simon. As they grow closer, the only thing she wants is Simon’s safety and for him to be happy.


Elias’s yearnings honestly don’t change much at all. From the very beginning all he cares about is making sure Simon is okay. Even after he meets the others, Simon is still the most important thing to him. Only after they get through everything and the danger is past does he start developing real relationships with the other characters.


This was a really good prompt. The prompts this month are turning out to be really awesome and helping me think and develop these characters.

Much love

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