~#WIPjoy Day 4: Your main writing goal this year~

#WIPjoy day 4

Honestly my main writing goal is just to write. Last year I tried to do some editing//rewriting in January, of my 2016 NaNo, but that didn’t get past about four chapters. Then I was working from March til November, and traveling a lot, so I didn’t have any time or energy to devote to my books. I wrote a couple hundred words for a day or two in September, and I wrote a Christmas special last month, but that was it. I probably wrote less than 10,000 words the entire. year. So this year my goal is to at least get Broken Wing written in a satisfactory draft. The first draft, back in 2014, started as a writer dare, so even though I wrote over 50k of it, I didn’t really know where I was going with it. Then when I did it for NaNo in 2015, I wasn’t true to the characters. And since then it’s developed and changed A LOT. So a satisfactory rough draft of Broken Wing is my goal this year. After that I’ll take a close look at Mark of the Rose and Dement and see which one is ready to be worked on.

much love

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10 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Day 4: Your main writing goal this year~

  1. Good luck with getting the draft done this year!! I think that’s amazing! I’m also actually playing with rewriting a book I wrote back in 2014. 😍 I love it when ideas just get stronger over time eeep.

    1. yaaaaas. that seems to be the way my books work. Dement and Mark of the Rose have also majorly changed and developed since I first wrote them. I guess I gotta learn to be okay with writing a first draft and then trashing it because the story has changed XD

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