~#WIPjoy Day 3: A line that’s attention grabbing~



I have one finished draft and one 89% finished draft

You’d think I’ll be able to find something

I also haven’t written basically anything in this story for over two years

Fun times, yo.

The flashing message on the computer catches my eye and I frown, reading it.


Under the flashing message is a tiny button that reads ‘more info’ and I click it.

Occupant of cell #42 on the loose. All basement guards ordered to secure basement premises. Use any force necessary to restrain escaped occupant.

Security lockdown: all doors and gates locked until further notice.

There were a few more lines of report but I skim them until I find another button.

View security camera footage.

The cursor hovers over the link, my finger posed over the mouse. I don’t know why I’m hesitating. I’m not sure I want to see the footage even though I know I do want to.

I force my finger down. My mouse clicks. The next page loads.

And I see my brother racing down the hall of the dungeon.

That’s like 94 lines instead of one, but this is from my ancient original document. Hopefully it’s relatively attention grabbing.

much love

your sick pickle


8 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Day 3: A line that’s attention grabbing~

  1. MY ATTENTION IS DEFINITELY CAUGHT. (Also 2 years since you wrote in it?! Eeep, I hope you get a chance to write more soon. <3 )

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