~January Surprise~


guess what’s happening in January

hint: it’s a hashtag

hinthint: it’s a recurring hashtag

hinthinthint: it’s #WIPjoy


This lovely new year I’m going to kick off things with Bethany Jennings’ #WIPjoy! Next month we’re going to be exploring all thing BROKEN WING.

I am SO excited. I’ve been waiting for her to announce the next #WIPjoy and this whole last month I’ve been plotting and planning the next draft of Broken Wing. This could NOT have been better timing.

January has lots of other crazy things happening (WHY ARE THE #WIPjoy MONTHS ALWAYS SO STINKIN BUSY) so as usual, this will be a wild 31 days. For starts I’m having a bunch of friends over for a weekend and we’re gonna go crash a coffee shop and write and probably stay up too late and all those grand friendshippy things. Then we’re moving my gramma from NC to SC so she can be closer to us. THEEEEEEN I’m popping up to VA because my dad and brother and SIL just moved there and I need my dad to resurrect my slowly dying laptop. AND THEN after all of that, I’m hoping to finally actually start WRITING Broken Wing. My aim is for #WIPjoy to keep that fire of excitement and inspiration burning this whole month until I can actually get to my poor book and write it XD

I hope y’all had a LOVELY Christmas and have lots of exciting plans and adventures waiting for you in the New Year! I’m sorry this isn’t a full recap post, but at the very least I wanted to let y’all know about #WIPjoy returning on Monday.


~Your Pickle


6 thoughts on “~January Surprise~

  1. Yayy I’m looking forward to reading more about BW!!! :D And that does sound like an exhausting month. 🙈 Good luck!!

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