~July//Summer//Life recap post

Hey, humans! Wow, it’s been so long since I wrote a blog post. I’ve been working hard all summer, saving up for my trip and studying for my doula certification. I’m actually on my way to California now (currently in a plane over the midwest-ish). If you followed me on Instagram today (Monday) you saw my picture commentary of my travels XD

So. Anyway. You all are way past due for a recap, but I can’t simply give you a monthly recap. No, I must catch you up on everything that’s been going on since April.

Life Happenings

In April I attended a Labor Doula certification class through ProDoula. I’m an official doula now! Not completely certified yet, but ProDoula recognizes me as a professing doula now. I haven’t worked quite as hard as I should have to get my certification done, but I’m getting there. Hopefully during this trip to CA my dad can help me get a website set up.

Yes, I will have a new website. It will not replace this blog. It will be completely separate and dedicated to my doula business. Have no fear, this blog will still be around a bit longer.

Honestly, I can’t remember much of note after that. This is terrible XD Like three whole months and the only thing I can remember is working XD I did take an American Red Cross CPR//First Aid class in June, needed for my doula certification, so I’m now certified in CPR and First Aid!

(I think I need to stop talking about my certifications because I’ve used that word about two dozen times already.)

I saw Disney’s Beauty and the Beast! I meant to do a review post, but I wanted to watch it a second time first, and by the time I got around to it, none of the theaters in our area were showing it anymore. I loved it though! I still want to write a post on it, but it might not happen for a while yet. I also discovered (with the help of Ashley) a French Beauty and the Beast film, released in 2014. Let me tell you, THAT will be a recap to remember. If you think Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is good, you need to see this French version. It will blow you away even farther than Disney did.

The Bookshelf

Sadly… I have not been reaching much. At all. All summer. Since I started working. Since we moved. Sadness. I’ve checked out a selection of books from our new library, but I haven’t finished any of them, and some I didn’t even start. I tried so hard to finish The Winner’s Kiss (Marie Rutkoski) because I’ve been wanting to finish that series for ages now, and though I enjoyed what I read of it, I think I only got half way through it before it was due back. I did finish Heartless by Anne Elisabeth Stengl. I started that book like last fall and finally finished it up a while ago XD I’ve got into some terrible reading habits. I did start rereading The Fellowship of the Ring a few days ago, as it’s one of the books I brought with me on this trip, and I needed to start it before I left home, otherwise I wouldn’t touch it while I was in CA XD (I’m such a strange creature). Anyway, I started that and I’m greatly enjoying it. The last time I read the trilogy was about 5 or 6 years ago and I don’t know how I made it this long without it. I also brought with me two nonfiction books, one about birth, and the other entitled The Body Keeps The Score, about the mind and body in the healing of trauma. I’m only about a chapter and a half into it and it’s amazing. I’m probably going to write a review//thoughts//whatever post relating to it for my Beyond Abuse series.




If I haven’t been reading hardly at all, what makes you think I’d be doing any writing?


I miss it so badly though, guys. Broken Wing and Mark of the Rose and Dement and all my babies. I can’t wait until I quit my job and I can dedicate time to writing and plotting. I’m STARVING for some creative writing outlet. Heeeeelp. But honestly, I’m not that surprised. Even if I wasn’t working as much, I wouldn’t be inclined or inspired to write because I haven’t been reading and intaking enough material. TV shows will only last you so far before you need to just read words with your actual eyes and imagine the stories in your actual head. Never, ever underestimate the importance of reading, people, especially if you’re a writer or other type of artist. Refilling the proverbial well is real.

Other Wonderful Things

(Aka: Travel)

I know this isn’t really a real category, but since this isn’t a real monthly recap, WHO CARES. Also you probably want to know where I’m going and what I’m doing and who I’m meeting. At least, I assume you do. Whether you actually do it not, you’ll get to know anyway.


Actually, when this post airs (Saturday) it will be the last day of Realm Makers. I’m driving up to Reno from Sacramento on Wednesday and staying until Sunday. I’m SO EXCITED. I’m rooming with Tracey and Brianna, humans I already knew, and Tracey’s friendo Liv. And of course I’m going to meet everyone else who’s going. INCLUDING MARY WEBER. *totally did not bring my copy of Siren’s Storm just to ask her to sign it, noooooo* AND BETHANY JENNINGS. YES, humans, the wonderful lady behind #WIPjoy is going to be there and trust me, many hugs and squealings will be coming from me.

Aside from the people I’ll meet, I’m so excited for the classes and just being with so many other writers. This is my first writing conference and it’s been a dream of mine for a while to take my writing seriously enough to put this much money and effort into it.

And, of course, let’s not forget that Friday night is the Award Dinner, aka, a costume dinner. Yep. I’m dressing up as Arwen. I already had a dress from a while ago and this past Christmas my darling Vandi gave me an Evenstar. I made myself a circlet and a pair of barefoot sandals AND I CAN’T WAIT. Also, there’s gonna be a Nerf Gun war Saturday night. Like, middle of the night. Yes, humans, your dear Pickle is planning to stay up who knows how late just to shoot fellow geeks with nerf darts.


Do you see why I’m so pumped for this conference.

SO all of that is just barely the first week of my trip XD Sunday I’m coming back to CA and going about the usual visiting of family and shopping and stuffs. All the while waiting for my nephew to be born. YEP. Another time-specific reason I’m going out is because my sister-in-law is due with my nephew on August 7th and I’m going to be her doula!

(I’m also gonna go to Daiso Japan)


Then on August 15th I’m flying out to Missouri for my best friend’s wedding reception. I’ll be there for a week before finally going back to South Carolina on the 22nd.


I’ve been dying to get away and go adventuring and flying for some time now. I always get that wanderlust in my soul a few months before it’s time for me to take flight again. It always comes at the right time. I wouldn’t trade any of this. (Except maybe the Atlanta airport. Man, if I ever willingly fly through there again, someone examine my head.)

Bullet Journal

(P.S. Do you even know how hard it is to remember all of these category labels when I’m on a plane and writing this on my tablet and can’t access my blog pictures file to remind myself what I need to write about??)

(The secrets behind the Pickle. Who knew.)

(No one. Until now.)

(Wow, off topic much?)

ANYWAY, there’s actually not much to talk about in relation to my Bullet Journal, but I know there are some of you who like to see it. Since I’ve been working I haven’t been using it hardly, barely once a week. I did pre-plan all my travel spreads for this trip and my weeklies//dailies and trackers. That way I didn’t need to bring all my pens or a ton of washi tape. I brought the pens that fit with my color scheme for July and August, plus a few other colors for fun, and just four roles of washi tape (mostly because I didn’t get around to embellishing one of the last spreads I made before I left. And embellishing needs to happen, obviously).

Also I started a Doula Journal using some of the fundamental aspects of the Bullet Journal. I call it my DoJo.

Creative Pursuits

I suppose I’ll toss in pictures of the jewelry I made for my Arwen costume? I think after the conference I’ll post these in my Etsy shop (granted that no one asks to buy them at the conference XD) But if anyone is interested in these or something like them, I can totally recreate them or make variations. These were actually so stupidly fun to make. The circlet turned out about 20x better than I had thought or hoped. I think more circlet-making is in my future XD




Anyway, humans, I dearly miss you and I can’t wait to get back to blogging more! I honestly feel like it’s something God wants me to do and I have several post ideas for Beyond Abuse. This blog will be put as a high priority once I’m working for myself again. Y’all are too important to leave hanging like this.

(P.S. July was a #WIPjoy month and for obvious reasons I didn’t do it, but I’m saving the prompts to do another time. Bethany’s prompts are just too good to completely let slip by. Just a little something for y’all to look forward to ^.^)

Be expecting a Realm Makers recap from me next week! Much love!

~Your Pickle


9 thoughts on “~July//Summer//Life recap post

  1. PICKLE!!! *tackle-glomps* IT’S SO GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU!!! Congratulations on getting your doula certificate! :D That’s wonderful!

    Oh my goodness, I am soooooo jelly that you get to room with Tracey! But I’m also ridiculously excited you all got to go to RealmMakers! I WILL make it there one day and meet you. I WILL. I cannot wait to hear how it all went! (Also, YOUR ARWEN COSTUME. PERFECTION. <3)

    Wow, you have so many travels going on! That's so exciting. I hope all your traveling goes safely and you have the BEST time! *hugs*

    1. THANK YOU LAURI I MISSED BLOGGING. I had a FABULOUS time with Tracey and we talked about you XD

      REALM MAKERS RECAP POST COMING SOON. You HAVE to come some year! It was amazing!

      1. I’M SO GLAD YOU HAD A FABULOUS TIME. And you talked about ME??? Now I’m both honored and curious! XD


  2. I’VE MISSED YOUUUUUUU. :D And yay!! You’re an official doula now!! AWESOME!

    OH MY GOSH you’re going to Realm Makers?! JEALOUS. Sooo many bloggers I know are going and I’m so green with envy. XD I hope you have fun!! (And wow, that is an EPIC Arwen costume!! Love the jewelry!! :D)

    And wow, you’re traveling a lot!! Fun! I hope you have a good time, everywhere you go! ^_^

  3. Great to hear from you again! Congratulations on becoming an official doula!
    Looking forward to that upcoming post- what I’ve heard of Realm Makers so far makes me all the more eager to try and go next year.

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