~Herro dear followers. I am still alive. I have not forgotten about this last week of #WIPjoy prompts that still needs to be done. Between working and studying I haven’t had time for much else, but trust me, I do dearly miss blogging and writing. MOTR is persistently knocking on my heart and not letting me forget about it, so maybe eventually we’ll get somewhere.

But at this moment in time I have decided to finally write this post, so here we go. This week’s prompts were called “Connections Week” and due to the nature of these questions, I probably will not answer as many of them as I usually do.

23. Share a book, blog, or piece of advice that has helped your writing.

 Stephan King’s book On Writing was a great eye opener and encouragement about the writing craft in general. I honestly can’t recommend it because, well, it’s written by Stephen King. So it’s anything but clean. But he is well versed in writing fiction.

 Mirriam Neal’s blog posts on writing are ALWAYS phenomenal and I always get something that sticks with me.

 And personally I hold to the mentality that you should write because you love it. Because you want to write. If writing is no longer enjoyable to you, maybe you need to move on to something else, or reevaluate why you think you’re supposed to write, and possibly adjust your viewpoint so that it’s enjoyable to you again.

24. Are you a plotter, a pantser, or a hybrid? What do you enjoy most about that style?

 Uggggghhhhhh. I’m almost 100% a pantser at heart. I love slapping out a story and going along for the ride and not knowing where we’re going until we get there. But if I do that I have to PLAN on that being how the story goes. I can’t pants a story that’s been in my heart for years and has a semi-coherent plot already in place. When that happens I know I need to plot before I write, but I rather hate plotting, so it usually doesn’t happen. Which is a problem all on it’s own. I have never and possibly will never find the ‘perfect balance’ between the two.

 I do love pantsing because, as I said, it’s exciting to experience the story completely first hand, right alongside your characters. I think pants-ed stories are mostly very character driven and those are usually fabulous. But I do love it when I have a plot to write from because it’s SO. EASY. It’s like you’ve already written it out. You know exactly what to write next, you know exactly which chapter you’re in, how many more chapters are left, etc. So that part I very much enjoy. I just don’t like what has to go into it to get a plot.

27. Share something encouraging that you believe every author needs to hear.

 Your story is never going to be perfect. It’s never, ever going to look or feel or sound just the way it does in your head. That’s just not the way it works. Learn to love what it looks and sounds like on paper. Learn to be okay with that. Learn to give yourself a break and enjoy the process of writing instead of beating yourself down for not doing it ‘right’. I struggle with this so, so much. My largest fear is not writing the story ‘right’. But you (and I) have to get past that and just write the story, no matter how it ends up on the page.

28. Share some authors whose books yours readers may also like!

 See, if we’re talking blog readers, I could throw a whole bundle of titles at you and you would growl at me for giving you so many more books to want to read. But if we’re talking book readers (specifically Mark of the Rose), well…

 I don’t actually read very many pirate, viking, or barbarian books. If any at all, to be honest. I WISH I KNEW OF SOME GOOD ONES THOUGH. I want to read books like that. So I’m going to spin this question on it’s head and beg YOU to give ME recommendations that you think I’d like, based on the general basis of Mark of the Rose. I need all the help I can get.

 29. What do you post most, and where?

 Again, I am unsure if we’re talking blog postings or fiction postings. I assume we’re talking fiction postings. I used to post lots of snippets here on my blog but I hate doing that anymore. Now, when I feel like it, I post my stories and books on Wattpad. The only finished thing up there is my Puddles story though. It seems impossible for me to get a complete book up there XD

 30. Explain your WIP in 10 words or less!

 Well, because I am a rebel, and this is not Twitter, and because Mark of the Rose is nothing like the book I wrote in November, I’m going to possibly use a lot more than 10 words to hopefully give you a decent blurb about this book:

 “The Water is the life substance of the Clanlands and it’s people. It keeps them alive, it keeps the land alive. It protects them and nurtures them. And it even chooses who will be their next ruler.

 Generations ago, the Water rejected the current king’s firstborn because of his impure heart, and instead chose the younger son. In anger and pride, the firstborn ran away to the North Country, reviling the Water and those who believed in it’s power.

 Now Fenis, a descendant of the rejected son, has returned to the Clanlands, believing the throne to be rightfully his. Scorning the Water for it’s decision long ago, Fenis seeks to absorb all of it’s power, mistakenly thinking wielding such power will make him the ruler he desires to be.

 Young Rose, the only child of the last king, has not yet been tested by the Water, but when Fenis descends on her country, she has no choice but to lead her people against him and to keep him from finding the most sacred Water of all: The Lake of Life.”



4 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Week 4: A MILLION YEARS LATE~

  1. Really, you’re a pantser? I never would’ve guessed! I’m a plotter all the way. If I don’t have an outline, the book doesn’t get written. XD

    YES TO your story is never going to be perfect!! I struggle with that sooooo much. I want it to be the thing in my head, for people to understand my point PERFECTLY. But, as you said, that just doesn’t happen. I just need to appreciate it for what it is. :)

    LOVE THAT BLURB. I reeeeally need to read more of The Mark of the Rose. Pretty please? XD

    1. YES I am a true pantser at heart, but I have to appreciate the plotting way sometimes XD

      I’M TRYING, HONEY, I REALLY AM. I want to write it SO BAD but with work and study, I’m really trying not to overwhelm myself. WE SHALL SEE THOUGH.

  2. You have some very good points about writing a story the ‘right’ way. It’s advice I need to take to heart.

    Hmm, I don’t think I know of any pirate/viking/barbarian books either. Do you count Beowulf?

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