~#WIPjoy Week 3: World Building week! (v v v late)

So this post is very late. I’m well aware. Between studying for my doula certification, trying to finish Etsy orders, and working, #WIPjoy has just slid very very far behind. I feel like I might have been able to keep up with it better if I was trying to do post every day, instead of lumping them together each week. But such it is and we’ll get through it together. (This Saturday’s post might not be out until early May though… you have been warned XD)

Anyway, this week (last week) is World Building week! Since the last #WIPjoy post I’ve actually done a good bit of plotting (‘good bit’ considering I scribbled it all down on guest check papers at work. If I weren’t working it would be a ‘shameful bit’ not a ‘good bit’ XD), so I might have better answers that before, now that I know what I’m working with.

 16. How would you describe your setting?

 Mystical and otherworldly? UGH THAT’S NOT VERY SPECIFIC. Like, physically, the land is full of mountains and rivers and springs but it has this… aura. Like how I would imagine the hills of Scotland feel like when they’re covered in flog and dew.

17. What was the first thing you knew about your story’s world//setting?

 Well, this story has changed SO MANY TIMES since it first began. At first it was rather medieval and had a hint of steampunk and was very fairytale-ish. Then it was uncooth and wretched and full of barbarians and blood and Rose howling at the moon. And NOW… there’s water. Lots and lots of water. I know that’s not very specific, but now the entire premise of the book is based on water.

18. Story location you’d most like to visit?

 The Lake of Life, where the power of all the water sources comes from. It’s deep under one of the largest mountain ranges in the land and there’s a scene were Rose goes there for *A REASON THAT SHALL BE EXPLAINED AT A LATER DATE* and the visuals that are in my head are SO. STUNNING. I wish I could actually experience it myself.

20. Three unique elements of your world.

 Well. Water. As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now. In this variation there’s a magic system and it’s completely based on and in water. I can’t think of two others because right now my brain is so focused on the water magic system BUT IT’S VERY VERY UNIQUE so I think it counts for all three XD

21. Do you have a history of your world?

 I DIDN’T BEFORE BUT I PROBABLY WILL BEFORE THIS IS OVER. I have like a history of the premise? Backstory? But it’s not like ages and years and lifespans and generations deep. I’m sure that will come because I need to work out how the water system came to be what it is now.

22. If you could bring one element from your story into reality, what would it be?

 Well. WELL. I definitely wouldn’t want to bring the magic water system to reality because the way it works, humans can’t harness it, and if they do, the power//magic corrupts and can only be used for evil. So I kind of don’t want that to be real. BUT the fact that it CAN’T be harnessed by people and still used for good is a concept I am totally in love with and I think it would be an amazing thing to witness.


 So now that you’re probably thoroughly befuddled and enraptured by my vague water magic ideas I shall skip off and leave you wondering and reeling until I manage to claw my way back to the blog and wrap up #WIPjoy with Connections Week!

Much love

~Your Pickle


4 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Week 3: World Building week! (v v v late)

    1. omo yes it’s so wild and feral. I love it.

      Soooooo many of my stories have evolved so far from the original idea that now they’re almost totally unrelated. It’s amazing.

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