~#WIPjoy Week 2: Character Takeover Week (very very late)

I haven’t forgotten about #WIPjoy! I’ve just been incredibly busy. I am really sorry that I didn’t get last week’s post out on Saturday. But here it is! Or at least, some of the prompts. All of last week’s prompts might not be in this post because I’m going to publish this once I run out of time to write it, however many prompts it ends up having.

(Also, I am fully aware that many of these answers aren’t going to be very exact. MOTR is rehauling itself into this massive fantasy-magic mess and I no longer know the answers to most of these prompts XD)

 Character Takeover Week!

9. From the MC: most awkward memory?

 Rose: “Probably anything having to do with Ivan.”

10. From the antagonist: happiest memory?

 Me: CONSIDERING FERGUS ISN’T MY ANTAG ANYMORE AND I’M ONLY GETTING TO KNOW MY NEW ANTAG, I HONESTLY DON’T KNOW. But probably something having to do with his parents. Particularly his mother.

11. From a side character: what’s the most pain (physical or emotional) you’ve ever been in?

 Ivan(he’s not exactly a side character. He’s pretty important): “Emotionally: when Rose thinks I’ve betrayed her. Physically: Lisa hasn’t decided yet.”

12. Share a line from the MC about food.

 Rose and food have an interesting relationship. Mostly her thinking she doesn’t need to eat and her men telling her she needs to eat before she passes out.

 13. From your antagonist: what’s your deepest regret?

 Feeling like he’s failed in the quest his mother and forebears laid upon him.

 14. From a side character: what gives you joy in life?

 Ragnar: “Seeing Rose and Ivan FINALLY. GET. TOGETHER.”

15. From the MC: your favorite music?

 Rose: “I enjoy the tribal war songs we sing around the bonfire.”

Next Week (hopefully this Saturday, but don’t get your hopes up): Worldbuilding Week!



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