~#WIPjoy Week 1~


Alright, here we are with the first week of #WIPjoy! I must admit, this is a little weird, clumping a week’s worth of prompts into one post. I hope it doesn’t take away any of the fun for y’all.

P.S. I am going to be skipping some of these prompts, so don’t freak out if some numbers are missing.

 1. Introduce your WIP!

This month we’re going to be delving into Mark of the Rose! This is my ‘Sleeping Beauty–Robin Hood–Viking–Pirate–Norwegian–mashup thing’. Yes, I literally told people that’s what I was writing during November when I wrote this for NaNoWriMo. The responses were priceless XD


 I haven’t formed a good ‘back cover blurb’ for it yet, but it’s about a barbarian princess trying to reclaim her country from ‘civilized’ invaders. It needed a bit more development and fleshing out after I wrote it for NaNo but I wasn’t quite sure what it needed. This past week several ideas reared their heads and as usual, I’m reeling a little bit, trying to figure out how they’ll fit in. But they’re quite awesome, if I may say so myself XD (Hint: my villain got a lot badder and a lot more interesting.)

 Aesthetic Week:

2. Describe your main character for us.

 Rose is a blond, which is customary for her people. She’s huge–about 5’11 and over 200 pounds… of muscle. Ivan, her love interest, is rather terrified and intimidated by her for a while after they first meet XD She has smooth, broad features. Pale blue eyes.

 3. Share a visual that goes with your WIP.

 I’ve looked for good mountain visuals that I can use without stealing and after being mildly frustrated with the whole process, I’ve decided to just link you to MOTR’S pinterest board. (I tried so hard to embed the board so it looked cool and professional, but as we all know, it’s pretty much impossible for to embed things XD)

4. Share a song that inspires you for this WIP.

 Interestingly enough, I have quite a developed playlist for MOTR! And by developed, I mean, I have around half a dozen songs.

I See Fire — Ed Sheeran (sung by Peter Hollens)

Song of the Lonely Mountain (sung by Peter Hollens)

Song of Durin — Eurielle (sung by Peter Hollens)

Hunter — Heather Dale

As I Am — Heather Dale

6. Name something in your WIP for each of the senses: sight, sound, taste, smell, touch.

 Sight: the mountains. Rose’s homeland is a very rugged country, made entirely of mountain ranges and steep valleys. There is very little lush greenery, though there are quite a few extensive forests. I wish I could go there just to experience the mountains.

 Sound: I would have to say the storms. The weather is a rugged as the mountains and it rains often–a freezing, driving, pounding rain that seeps into your bones and hammers away at your soul.

 Taste: After Rose’s gang is established, they often have great huge bonfire celebrations where they cook potatoes and other vegetables in the ashes at the edge of the fire. They eat them hot and they taste like smoke and warmth.

 Smell: The bonfire always permeates the air with smoke that’s tinted with the smell of fir and ash and pine trees from the wood it burns.

 Touch: Rose’s monster broadsword. Sometime early on in the book, Rose acquires a huge broadsword that’s about four feet long. The blade at it’s base is about five or six inches wide. It’s extremely heavy but Rose wields it with ease.

7. If your story was represented by one item, what would it be?

 This is an extremely interesting question, to be honest. But the answer is definitely a rose. The title, The Mark of the Rose, is actually from a symbol that’s used throughout the book, literally and figuratively. Rose and her men use a crude drawing of a rose, made from generic swipes to outline a rose’s petals, as the sign of their rebellion against the invaders.

8. If you like ______ , you’ll like my book!

 I don’t really know any books or movies or anything that could be compared to MOTR, but if you like anything Scottish, Highlander, rebellion, Norwegian, Viking, Pirate, etc. then I’m sure you’d like Mark of the Rose.


 And that’s it for our first week! I now regret the decision to bunch all these prompts together in one post, but now I’m stuck XD I hope you enjoyed these and I can’t wait for Character Takeover Week next Saturday!




10 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Week 1~

  1. Ooh I LOVED THIS. (Like, well, of course I loved it.) And so much surprise that your answer to #7 is a rose. 😉😉 Also Rose is a fantastic and huge person and I would be a smol gnat beside her but she’s just epic. Vikings and pirates tho.😍😍

  2. Sleeping Beauty Robin Hood Pirates Vikings… THIS STORY SOUNDS SO COOL! Honestly though, it’s almost more fun getting them all clustered together in one post because you can put SO MUCH MORE DETAIL than skimping Twitter would allow. XD Anyways, I greatly enjoyed this installment and can’t wait till next week! ^_^ (Also I’m really enjoying doing #WIPjoy for the first time myself. :D) Thanks for sharing! (Your pinboard is epic, FYI.)

    1. EEEEK THANK YOU. IT IS RATHER COOL IF I MAY SAY SO MYSELF XD I’m glad you like getting them all together in one post. I… hate it XD Which of your WIPs are you doing for #WIPjoy?

  3. Yay, Mark of the Rose!! :D Ooh, you made a playlist? Awesome! I’m so bad at making them. XD I can never find just the right songs that fit my story. Also, that pinboard is AMAZING. O_O I can’t wait for next week’s post!! #WIPjoy is so fun! ^_^

    1. I hardly ever have playlists because I don’t listen to much music and I’m barely adventurous at all with trying new songs and groups XD BUT YES I HAVE A PLAYLIST FOR THIS WIP AND I LOVE IT.

  4. Sounds amazing! (Highlander/Norwegian pirate rebellion? Oh, yes!) And that pintrest page is epic!

    I’ve been building a story with an Ivan in it, too. It’s a good name, but you don’t seem to see it often.

    1. Ivan is the bestest name. (Secret: I actually kind of named him after my best friend’s cat XD)

      Thank you! I’m glad you like the pinterest page. I never put time into making epic boards so I’m glad it still looks nice XD

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