~March Recap~

March Recap

Yooooooo, it’s that time again. Another month has flown by and it’s time to play the game where I try to remember what has happened and fail mediocre-ly. Also, side note: first monthly recap on the new blog! I redid the blog design just after I posted the February recap last month. I even have snazzy new matching graphics! (I’m having so much fun making matching graphics for all my blog posts. Such professional blogger.)

Life Happenings

Like I mentioned above, I made new section title image graphic things for the recap posts. DUDE WHAT ARE THESE EVEN CALLED. But you may notice I changed a few of the phrases a leetle bit. Apparently it’s time for many things around the blog to be updated.

ANYWAY. In my life I’ve mostly been working! Because I have a job! Just over two weeks ago I was hired at Zaxby’s (Southern fast-food chicken place) and I LOVE IT. It’s a relatively Christian atmosphere and my co-workers are awesome and fun. I love the work I do there too. It’s just amazing all the way around.

Other than work I’ve been… not doing much, honestly. BEFORE I got hired I had a birthday and I was scouring the earth for a job. I haven’t even had much time for my usual time wasters– Minecraft, Youtube, and Netflix. But that’s a good thing, probably.

Next weekend I’m attending a doula workshop by ProDoula, after which I will be a Pre-Certified doula! Over the summer I’m going to work on finishing the certification, after which THAT I will be seeking full-time work as a Labor Doula. I am SO incredibly excited.

I’M GOING TO HAVE A NEPHEW. A few months ago I THINK I mentioned my sister-in-law was expecting again?? Maybe?? But anyway, she had a gender reveal ultrasound and found out she’s having a boy! I will hopefully be attending her birth in August.

(wow, have I ever written a ‘life’ recap section that’s this long? who can know.)


I haven’t been writing at all. I’ve even fallen behind on posting Mark of the Rose on Wattpad. To those of you who were reading it, I am very VERY sorry. I just didn’t have any motivation or inspiration or even a vision of what I was doing. I do miss it and I’m glad to say that lately I’ve felt the stirring of my writer’s soul lifting it’s head and I have a few new ideas that might make their way into the story. There’s nothing like working full time and trying to blog semi-full time and run an Etsy shop to make you want to write.

But I guess that’s the way it goes.

Other news though, is #WIPjoy IS HERE AGAIN. This is a good and a bad thing. It’s a good thing because we all LOVE #WIPjoy, but it’s a bad thing because… I’m working and blogging and running an Etsy shop.


Don’t ask how I’m going to manage it this time around. It seem each time it comes out, I face more challenges in how I’ll make it work. BUT ALSO DON’T ASK ‘IF’ I’M GOING TO DO IT. Seriously, guys. #WIPjoy is like a staple around here now. It’s also been OVER A YEAR since I first attempted #WIPjoy, the one time I did it on Twitter XD SO YES I AM DOING IT.

C78d0ShVUAAIwH6.jpg large
sneak peak preview of doom so you snoopy faces can know the prompts ahead of time

I’m not sure which project I’ll be featuring. I’ve done Dement twice and Broken Wing once. I’ll probably do Mark of the Rose since that’s on my mind and I assume y’all would like to know more about it, since I’ve been talking about it rather a lot since November.

I won’t be doing daily posts though. I just don’t think I can manage that with working full time. I know it takes away some of the fun from it, but I don’t want to push myself too hard. Instead I’m going to do weekly Saturday posts and group all that weeks prompts into one post. This works out rather nicely though, since #WIPjoy is set up such that each week has a different theme.

The Bookshelf


I have actually squeezed in a little over one book in all of this crazy unpacking and settling it and getting a job and junk. I got a library card for my new library system and have been making myself at home in my libraries. (Yes, I know I used that word way too many times in one sentence.) This new system has SO. MANY. Lynette Eason books. I’m going to eat them all. I finished Always Watching and now I’m slowly working through Without Warning.

Also my books still aren’t unpacked.


Well, I haven’t posted THAT very many much this month, but I’m quite happy to say that I’ve been posting pretty regularly. I don’t know HOW or WHY it’s so hard to just post on a regular schedule, but for some reason it is. Anywho: I posted EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY IN MARCH.


See, I told you I was a professional blogger now.

My February recap was posted on the 4th, in keeping with my Saturday posting schedule. After that I introduced the new blog design and hosted a giveaway in honor of my birthday. (legit started to type ‘in horror of my birthday’. hmmmm.) Congrats to Shantelle Mary for winning the giveaway! She requested a miniature dragon with the same coloring as my blue and green one.


I then started the blog series I mentioned at the beginning of the year, the one I’ve been wanting to start for some time, Beyond Abuse. The post was It’s Not About You and I’m looking forward to writing posts on Forgiving and Speaking Out. I’m not sure when those posts will happen though, since #WIPjoy will be providing all my blog content for next month.

And then there was The Priority Ladder post explaining the new Bullet Journal Spread I created. More on that later.

Etsy Shop

A few days after my birthday giveaway ended, I received an order for a dragon through my Etsy shop! So I have two dragons I’m aiming to get finished in April. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to give my shop the attention it needs. Even before I got my job, I was running into frustrations related to moving forward with my inventory. My craft room is a bit of a mess and I haven’t figured out how I’m going to set up a studio area to take product pictures. (And blog photos.) But my shop has been plugging along on it’s own. All my listings are still active and the inventory I currently have is accessible, so I’m able to quickly package and ship items, if they’re ones I’ve already premade. I don’t have a premade inventory of dragons since those are made-to-order.

I did redo my Etsy shop photo and banner to match the new blog design. I love having everything tied into one design and have the same logo, with just minor differences in wording.

Creative Pursuits

Before those two dragons, I was focusing on my niece’s quilt that I want to finish before I go to California this August. I think I’ll be able to manage it, but I don’t have much experience backing quilts, so that’s the part I’m a little leery about. I want it do it well, but I need to know how to do it at all to begin with XD

Houdini being such a helpful crafter kitteh


No Youtube-age actually happened this month. I really would have filmed a video a few weeks ago, but that was kind of the first time I ran into my studio issue. With my new room setup, I don’t know where or how to film videos with good light. I also want to get a new phone holder before I film again. I’m looking at this one on Amazon.

I have low-key thought about doing videos for my Beyond Abuse series as well. Some subjects I want to talk about I would like to actually //talk// about cuz it’s more personal that way, I think? If y’all would be interested in videos for the Beyond Abuse series, definitely let me know.

Bullet Journal

DUN DUN DUN. Yes, and the BuJo section, which will always come at the end. I don’t really put these sections in the same perfect order every time, but in my head certain ones belong in certain places. And the BuJo one goes at the end XD ANYWHO. I wrote the Priority Ladder blog post earlier this month. On the next page I wrote out a Budget page, which isn’t completely finished yet. 20170331_182011

Then I have my April monthly page and April’s habit tracker. I think I mentioned this in the last recap, but I’m not tracking a bunch of things anymore, because I get too perfectionist about it. But I do like coloring in the squares every day, so I wrote down a few more things than I had in March.


And that’s all there is for March! (that I remember. shhh.) I’m excited for all the things April holds. Pray that I’ll be able to keep up with #WIPjoy XD

~Your Pickle




8 thoughts on “~March Recap~

  1. Yay, you got a job!! I’ve been wanting to get a job, maybe at a bookstore or library, but I still haven’t got my driver’s license yet… XD

    Don’t feel bad about Mark of the Rose, really. It’s a great story, and I will read it when you are good and ready to post it. Life can be so pushy sometimes, honestly. *shakes head disapprovingly*

    YAY #WIPJOY. I can’t wait to see your answers!! :D

    Your BuJo is just so pretty. I loves it. <3

    Here's hoping you have a lovely April! ^_^

  2. So I’m succumbing to #WIPjoy for the first time. XD I’ll try it on twitter though I suspect the limited character count will drive me to distraction… :P

    I always enjoy hearing about what’s up with you! Hope you have an amazing April! <3

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