~February Recap: Late because I am lazy.

Herro, humans. I have finally dragged myself back to my blog and forced myself to hit the ‘write new post’ button and actually write words in this wordy-field. I should have had this post out last Saturday, but I didn’t make myself do it, so it didn’t happen.

Honestly, I have no excuse. We’re moved to South Carolina, all settled in, 94% of my stuff is unpacked (unless you could my books. Then it’s like… 64%) and I’m not busy or stressed anymore. SO NO ONE SAY IT’S OKAY THAT THIS POST WAS LATE. Growl at me to stop being lazy and get the stuff done that I need to.

BUT ANYWHO, here is the February recap post, and we’ll all be lucky if I can remember half of what happened last month.


As I mentioned above and several times last month and in January AND PROBABLY A BILLION TIMES, my family and I moved to South Carolina! And I got to drive all seven of our cats to the new house. 5+ hour car ride. Fun times. (I even made a video. More on that later.)

At the beginning of the month I said I was participating in InCoWriMo. Write 28 letters in a month. While packing. And trying to move. Right. Easy. Sure.



I think I wrote about 12 letters, but 9 of those were goodbye notes to my kids at church. BUT I STILL COUNTED THEM. I still don’t have an excuse for not writing at least SOME more. I HAVE NO EXCUSES FOR ANYTHING.

(the raw truth is I just spend too much time on minecraft)

(and watching minecraft on youtube)

I REGISTERED FOR REALM MAKERS THOUGH. AAAAHHHHH. I actually only paid half the registration fee because #POOR but I’m quite sure I’ll be able to pay the rest by the end of May. Very nice of the conference people to allow payment in two installments. Very nice indeed. (They just know a conference for writers means 89% of their guests are #POOR and very decently try to accommodate us.)

I’m SO excited though because several of my twitter children are going as well AND another writer friend from Canada! I AM MILDLY FREAKED OUT.

bookshelfheader  Did I even read anything last month.

Did I.

Help I can’t remember.

I’m pretty sure I read a bit because I was rushing to finish some library books before we left. I returned Stalking Jack the Ripper unfinished but I WILL FINISH IT IN THE FUTURE.

Also all my books are currently packed and I have no bookshelves or places to put them SO THEY’RE STAYING PACKED. IN BOXES. IN RANDOM CORNERS AND CLOSETS. HELP.WHAT IS THIS.

books in my closet
books on my dresser

(i miss my books so bad help.)

But I already have a library card for our new library system so I won’t be without books for long.



I think I wrote a smol bit in MOTR last month, but toward the later half of the month, I was so uninspired. I DID give myself permission and excuse to be so, though, because we were getting close to our moving date and I had to say goodbye to my coffee shop. I made a twitter update stream during my last visit there. I WAS SAD. And I haven’t found a good coffee shop here to write at. HELP I NEED AN AESTHETIC WRITERLY PLACE TO GO WRITE MY WORDS.

I missed updating MOTR on Wattpad, but I did get the next chapter posted like 10 days late. A new chapter should be up today (if I remembeerrrrrrr).


I really want to write more in MOTR, but I think I need to backpedal and rewrite my last chapter and I HATE doing that. It always messes me up so bad and I have to do it more often than you’d think. It’s terrible. But we’ll get there. We will. (I can’t leave you Wattpad readers hanging XD)

blogishheader  (what would y’all say if I said I was thinking of rehauling my blog again)

(cait don’t you dare say anything XD)

BUT SERIOUSLY. I’ve never been 100% happy with this blog design. I have certain things I really REALLY want my blog to look like and none of the free templates on WordPress are what I want. Honestly, it’s not that complicated. I want my posts CENTERED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN, and I want the font a little bigger. And I think Imma go with a white background. I just really like my sidebar and I can’t have centered posts if I have a sidebar *headdesk*.


I have a couple ideas in mind, but I wanted to mention it here before I started changing things, so you’d all know it’s coming. If you have suggestions or know design-y-ness stuff, please let me know. I need all the help I can get.

youtube  I mentioned there being a video of me driving the cats to the new house.

Here tis.




(I assume you’re waiting for it)

(everyone seems to love my BuJo updates and info and junk so MY ASSUMPTIONS ARE WELL GROUNDED)


ANYWAY, the more I get into this year’s Bullet Journal, the more minimalist I get. I ditched my habit tracker this month because in January it just made me stressed and upset and I rated my days and my life and my productivity by how many squares I could fill it. So in February I completely ditched it, and this month I’m only tracking my anxiety supplement, because I need to make sure I take that every day.


I have a few BuJo post//video ideas in mind, it’s just a matter of kicking myself into doing them. Also I’m running into problems with my camera setup when I film. But expect an ‘Ins and Outs of my Bullet Journal’ and ‘How I make a Second Bullet Journal Work for Me’ post soon. (As in, sometime in the next six months.)



I discovered watercolor paints. Guys, I’m in love. Help.


I also used them to paint an envelope to one of my penpals.


And I tea stained paper.


(all of those things involve paper. Are we seeing a pattern here)


I know I’m forgetting a lot, but that’s pretty much what went on. I need to make a place in my BuJo to write down notes for these recap posts. Then I won’t forget so much XD

Anyway I hope you had a lovely month and that March is even lovelier!

~your Picklicus




14 thoughts on “~February Recap: Late because I am lazy.


    Also YOUR POOR BOXED BOOKS. *sends them love and blankets* *even though a bookshelf would be more helpful but help mine are full*

    ALL OF MY FRIENDS ARE GOING TO REALMMAKERS WHYYYYYY??? *sobbing somewhere in a tapestry* It’s so so happy for you all and so so sad for me because I’m not. XD

    Woot blog changes! Those are fun to do. I hope you get happy with it. I wouldn’t know what to do without a sidebar buuut I do see the appeal of centered… Hmm. I’m afraid I don’t have advice even though I’m trying to get into webdesign but I hope you find something good. :D Just… I dunno, look for one you like? *shrug* I’ve been messing with wordpress.org using things on self-hosted sites and it’s SPOILED me because now I feel like I can’t do ANYTHING on regular free wordpress.com sites. Oops. XD



      Nuuuuuu! I was actually SO SURPRISED to hear Tracey’s coming to Realm Makers!!! I get to meet another Pack member! I WILL TAKE ALL THE PICTURES AND MAKE A RECAP POST FOR YOU.


  2. I just had to laugh when you took the cat on your lap during the drive-through!
    I’ll bet that made the girl’s day.

    Realm Makers! I really need to go sometime.

    That’s such a beautiful piece of tea-stained paper, and a cute envelope with the little leaves. Oh, the wonders that can be done with paper!

    How are you liking South Carolina?

    1. yeeees my rotten cat was trying to crawl up the window and say hello. He loves going bye-bye and seeing new places.

      YES YOU SHOULD GO TO REALM MAKERS. I mean, I haven’t been YET but I know it’s gonna be amazing XD

      I luuuuuv my tea stained paper and basically anything paper related XD

      I love South Carolina! It’s great and exciting to be somewhere new and getting to know new people and see new stuff.

  3. WHAT DO YOU MEAN CAIT DON’T SAY ANYTHING. WHAT WOULD I SAY. 😂 I support whatever you do with your blog!! I always like white backgrounds myself, so I hope you find a cool template you love. <3


    And oooh so crafty!! I love the tea stained paper.

    But the boxes of books are making me sad, Lisa. You need to free your children. Or go library and get some free temporary children. *nods*


    1. I was just remembering the last time I changed my blog (a bit over a year ago) and it was right after one of your blog rehauls and I was wailing about change and you were like “CHANGE HUH?? WHAT’S UP WITH YOUR BLOG THEN” XDDD I hope I can find a template I like too. IT’S SO HARD WHY. BLOGGING SHOULD NOT BE SO HARD.

      SEVEN cats, Cait, SEVEN. NOT 9 billion.

      I am seriously thinking about unpacking my books and just stacking them on my dresser up to the ceiling BUT AT LEAST THEY’D BE FREE AND OUT OF THE BOXES. idk. help. I just really need shelves.


  4. YAY YOU MOVED!! :D It’s a loooong process and I totally get it (I’ve moved around a lot). And you’re going to REALM MAKERS!! I reeeeeally want to go but, as you stated above, most writers are poor. I am no exception. XD

    BUT UNPACKING ALL THE BOOKS WILL BE FUN. Giving them all new homes and such, you know. ;)

    I LOVE READING YOUR STORIES AND COMMENTING. YOU MAY PROCEED WITH THE SQUEALING. (And I will be reading that next chapter very, very soon. Excited!!)

    I’ve only done a full-on blog makeover once, and since then have been tweaking it to my liking. I love having a sidebar too! The last theme I had didn’t have one, but it’s a fun thing to have. :) And I totally agree, white backgrounds are cool. (Not because I have one or anything…)

    Loved the video!! :D Chick-fil-a is awesome. I looove their milkshakes. :) Also, your cats have the best. nicknames. ever. I have a cat, but…yeah, I very creatively named her Kitty. XD

    Your BuJo is so pretty!! And that tea stained paper is gorgeous. *drools*

    I hope you adjust well with your move and have a wonderful March!! <3

    1. YES WE DID MOVE. This was our fifth move in 4 1/2 years, so you could say I’ve moved a lot too XD

      I WISH YOU COULD COME TO REALM MAKERS, DEAR. But I understand. I’m barely scraping together enough funds to make it myself. MAYBE ONE YEAR YOU CAN COME AND I CAN MEET YOUR FACE.

      I’M SO GLAD YOU LOVE MY STORIES. YOUR COMMENTS MAKE ME SO HAPPY. SERIOUSLY I CAN’T EVEN EXPRESS. Also SO VERY ENCOURAGING. I’m in such a writing slump right now, but your comments are so wonderfully encouraging ^.^

      I love Chick-fil-a XD SECRET OF DOOM: I might start working there soon. I CAN BUY SO MANY MILKSHAKES. How are their milkshakes so good. Yeeees our cats have a billion nicknames each. It’s how we roll. Those mentioned at the end were just a small portion. They have A LOT more.

      EEEEP yes I love the tea stained paper. SO PRETTY. secret: i forgot to burn//char the edges of those papers, but that’s a cool thing to do too. It makes the tea staining look even more epic.

  5. *squeal* I LOVE your new blog design!!!! :D And your logo is elegantly cute. <3 And I love your tea stained paper idea. I might even "accidentally" do that myself. :P

    So happy you get to go to Realm Makers!!! Now that I have the money, I'm considering going as well since it's close-ER to where I live than it was last year. :D

    Keep up the blogging and writing!! I found your stories on Wattpad and I can't wait to read them. It's just finding the time to read has been challenging as of late. But I will read them. :D

    1. EEEK I forgot some of my regular commenters hadn’t commented yet so they would see the new design before my next post XD I’M GLAD YOU LIKE IT. I’m still customizing and tweaking it to my liking. I am IN LOVE with my logo though. I was going for ‘elegant and simple’ and I think I hit that, based on your feedback XD

      YES you should accidentally make some tea stained paper. I can even do a little tutorial on it, even though it’s SUPER EASY.

      YES COME TO REALM MAKERS. MEET ME. I mean, come for the speakers and other stuff BUT COME AND LET ME MEET YOUR FACE.

      AWWW THANK YOU! omo yes please go read my stories. when you can. no rush XD

  6. Lol a tutorial on tea stained paper would be right up my alley. :D And YES I do so hope I can make it to Realm Makers, I would LOVE to see you there!!!! :D :D :D *squeal*

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