~Beautiful Books: 2017 writing goals~

I am a rebellious teenager and I’m writing this Beautiful Books post for FEBRUARY when the prompts were actually for JANUARY. But to my credit I am WRITING this post in January, it just won’t go live until February, because #WIPjoy is fulling up my blog at the moment XD

ANYWHO. On a whim I decided to do this. I have a Beautiful People idea stewing in my back pocket, so there IS A LEGIT REASON I don’t make an effort to do them every month… but I decided to do this one. Randomly. I really don’t know why.

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beautiful books

  • What were your writing achievements last year?

In 2016 I wrote approximately half of Dementophobia. I stopped writing it because I got a job and it took me so long to get back to it that I lost my groove. I also wrote a short story that ended up being 10k titled Don’t Jump In Puddles You Can’t See The Bottom Of. You can read it on Wattpad. And I participated in NaNoWriMo and finished my book Mark of the Rose on December 15th. (In a coffee shop, btw. Very aesthetic. It was great.)

  • What’s on your writerly “to-do list” for 2017?

I’m currently editing Mark of the Rose for betaing and eventually to publish on Wattpad. I have a sequel to Puddles lurking in the back of my mind, and I’d like to redo Dement again. Broken Wing has attacked me (partially because of #WIPjoy) so that might get some attention this year too.

  • Tell us about your top-priority writing projects for this year!

My top-est//only priority is to get Mark of the Rose to decency.

  • How do you hope to improve as a writer? Where do you see yourself at the end of 2017?

I’d like to figure out how editing and I can get along and work together. I’d also like to have the self control needed to keep myself from doing NaNo, since it never ends well XD

  • Describe your general editing process.


  • On a scale of 1-10, how do you think this draft turned out?

Mmm… considering it was a NaNo draft, I’ll give it a 4. I’m rewriting it more than actually editing, and I have much higher hopes for this. I write A LOT under pressure//deadlines, but I don’t write quality and I’ve found that’s not acceptable to me anymore.

  • What aspect of your draft needs the most work?

All of it.

  • What do you like the most about your draft?

Rose’s character arc. It’s rough and sketchy, but it came out well, I think. I just need to touch it up and fill it out so it makes sense to readers.

  • What are your plans for this novel once you finish editing? More edits? Finding beta readers? Querying? Self-publishing? Hiding it in a dark hole forever?

Weeeeeeell, this actually brings me to a thing. I decided something last month (January) when I started editing Mark of the Rose and I guess this is the right time to speak out about it.

I realized I don’t want to be a published author.

Not traditionally. (As in, books-on-the-shelf-and-on-amazon, ‘traditionally’ or self or indie published.)

It was kind of a for-granted dream that I would eventually publish my work, but when I started editing, and I realized that this is a serious step toward SOMETHING, I kind of freaked out. (Very small freak out. Kind of a dazed freaked out.) It felt so real, so serious, so DEFINITIVE. I’m DOING SOMETHING WITH MY BOOKS OTHER THAN SLAPPING OUT FIRST DRAFTS. And it made me think about this new road I was looking toward, this road that might lead to publishing. And I realized I didn’t want that. I’ve always ALWAYS said I just want people to read and love my books. I don’t care if I’m never paid a penny.

So why should I go through the hassle and frustration and time of getting published if I really DON’T CARE whether I’m published or not?

I took a step back from publishing and thought of how else and how easier I could get my books in front of people, and I found it staring me in the face.


I already have Puddles and half of Dement up there.

It’s easy and free.

And it gets my books and stories in front of people for them to read and love.

That’s all I want.

So I’m not going to pursue ‘real’ publishing. I’ll write and edit and polish my books to decency, and publish them on Wattpad. Hopefully I’ll develop a readership on there, but if not, that’s okay. That’s not even really the point.

The point is I want to write. Whatever happens after that doesn’t matter.

  • What’s your top piece of advice for those just finished writing a first draft?

I’ve finished six books and never done anything with any of them until Mark of the Rose, so I’m not really experienced in what to do ‘after the first draft’. The only thing I can really think is: enjoy it. Bask in the moment. When I finish first drafts, I laugh and giggle and squeal for like half an hour. So enjoy it. Don’t pressure yourself to edit or rewrite or start the next book. Enjoy every step of the way. Publishing is great, but if you’re in this to write, then enjoy the writing. And the finishing.

~Your Picklicus



8 thoughts on “~Beautiful Books: 2017 writing goals~

  1. I really liked your discussion about deciding not to go after money/widespread publishing. I’m going for self-publishing, but that’s also been my dream for ages – and I’ve already tried traditional submissions and apparently literary agents agree I have talent but are on the fence about publishing me. So I got tired of waiting, especially since I now do have the option to do it myself.

    Personally, I really want to see my work on someone’s shelf or in the library or a local store. But I really understood your point of view about choosing to stick to Wattpad. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject!

    1. Oh I would LOVE to hold physical copies of my books too and see them at libraries and such. If I get a large enough following on Wattpad and know it’s worth it, I may publish through Amazon, just so my readers CAN buy physical copies if they wish. I hope self-publishing goes well for you!

  2. Yay for this post! I loved reading about what you’ve been writing and what your plans are for the year — I hope they go well! Also, PICKLE. I applaud you SO MUCH for finding out what you think and deciding that about your writing! (As, you know, someone who currently has no clue what I’m doing about all of that. XD) But yes, the writing is DEFINITELY the most important, so. :) Anyways, I’m proud of you for seeing what is and is not important to you and making decisions. YOU’S AMAZING. <3 Best of luck on your writing this year! ^_^

  3. I have Mark of the Rose on my Wattpad library and I NEED TO START READING IT. O_O

    And that is awesome that you want to post stories on Wattpad. That’s amazing! Every writer is unique, and we all have different goals and desires. Some may want to be published, while others are just content to scribble away and never publish anything. We’re all different. And so I will be cheering you on in your pursuits! GO YOU! :D

    Also, good luck with editing…I’ve recently been trying to edit my own story and it’s been going semi-okay. Mostly just a matter of not getting distracted by plot bunnies and the internet. XD

    1. YES GO READ IT. ahem *calms down* um yes go read it soon I want your thoughts XD

      Awww, thank you!!! Editing is the worst, but since I’ve gotten into the swing of more ‘rewriting’ than actual editing, it’s gone a lot better.

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