Ha, there is no such thing as normal here. BUT THIS IS A MONTHLY RECAP. We haven’t have a monthly recap since like… September. I think. Maybe August.

BUT FOR THE RECORD: At the end of September I was in California for my niece’s birthday. At the end of October I was at my best friend’s wedding. The end of November involved NaNo and Thanksgiving and sickness. And the end of December involved Christmas and sickness and not writing.

I have dearly missed writing up these monthly recaps though and I am SO HAPPY TO BE BACK. I planned this monthly recap since the beginning of January to make SURE it happened.


mylifeheader  This month has been rather crazy, but not nearly as crazy as I expected. We haven’t moved yet, like we thought. We ran into some problems with both houses, but THIS MORNING we finally pinned down the moving date: February 20th! I’ve been lowkey packing and finishing up bits and pieces of business; house cleaning clients, the church library, and other activities.

My sister-in-law AND my best friend are pregnant! My sister-in-law also declared war on me because I built a castle in Minecraft and she’s jealous.


Once a week I come to a coffee shop in town and either work on Mark of the Rose or write #WIPjoy posts. I’m going to miss this place when we move.



I got my hair cut! I rather hate it; it’s too short; but I wanted to trim it one more time before the move so it would be easy to deal with. While taking selfies of it, this piece of gold happened:


I also maybe spent all my credit at the used bookstore to get a Princess Bride coloring book.


Annnnnnnnd I maybe started teaching myself how to write the Lord of the Rings font >.>


bookshelfheader  I’ve been in a TERRIBLE reading slump since last fall. IT’S SO HORRIBLE, GUYS. I just can’t get into any book I pick up. I LIKE them and I KNOW they’re good but… I’m just not consumed with the story. Still, that aside, this is my current library stack (SINCE ALL MY BOOKS ARE PACKED I HAD TO GO OFF MY LIBRARY BAN):


Stalking Jack the Ripper is quite interesting. It’s really awesome, honestly, but since I’m in this terrible slump, I’m not in love with it.



I’ve actually been posting on Instagram semi regularly.


I still don’t know how to embed Instagram pictures into blog posts.

So just… follow this link… to my Instagram… https://www.instagram.com/lisa_pickle/

twitterheader  My Twitter is actually fairly active with various tweets of me being a dumb interspersed with informative Bullet Journal links.



Yo. Guys.

I started rewriting//editing Mark of the Rose AND I FINALLY HAVE ONE CHAPTER DONE.

Yes, it’s taken me an entire month to rewrite one chapter.

I actually only write once a week when I go to that coffee shop I mentioned earlier.

And at one point I thought I had lost the entire Scrivener project for MOTR because my laptop refused to turn on and I had to do some work on it AND I KIND OF FREAKED OUT BECAUSE I COULDN’T FIND THE CHAPTER OR ANYTHING AT ALL and then I dug around a little bit and found it and everything was okay.

I know it’s downright terrible how slowly I’m writing this, but since we’re in the middle of moving and junk I’m giving myself a bit of a break.

BUT. IMPORTANT QUESTION OF DOOM: I’m torn between putting Mark of the Rose on Wattpad during this draft. It’s fairly decent, even if I do have to go over it again in a third draft. But I LIVE for reader feedback and if I schedule a new chapter like every two weeks or once a month, it WILL make me write it a bit faster. SO WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS??? (basically i need you to tell me ‘YES I WANT IT NOW LISA’ so i will put it on wattpad and actually write it BUT you are free to say whatever you want about it.)

(but please just tell me to do it.)



OKAY ANYWAY: Yes, #WIPjoy has been a thing this month BUT I also squeezed in TWO leetle bitty extra things:

Mega Bullet Journal Post of Doom

New Bullet Journal Video

I SUCCEEDED in writing those two promised posts even in the thick of #WIPjoy! SOMEONE GIVE ME DONUTS OR SOMETHING.

The Mega Bullet Journal Post of Doom is a grand collection of links and information about how to start a Bullet Journal of your own! And the Bullet Journal Video is a flip through of my old BuJo, and then a walk through of my new 2017 BuJo. Go check them out!

I do want to take a moment to say that I had a BLAST with #WIPjoy this month! Featuring Broken Wing was a SPLENDID idea. I’m so revived for this story and have a wonderful new grip on things. Thank you to everyone who followed and commented! Every comment means so much to me, you have no idea <3

bulletjournal  dun dun DUN. You asked, I delivered! Here is a new, bright, shiny section to the recap posts, completely dedicated to all things Bullet Journal! I DO apologize for it being quite skimpy this month. I recapped most of my Bullet Journal news in the video mentioned earlier BUT I PROMISE I will work on this section next month and try to get some content exclusive to the recap post.

youtube  And dun dun DUN THE SECOND. WE HAVE A YOUTUBE SECTION TOO. I’m going to grow Youtube as a platform this year and hopefully have one video out a month. I have a list of video ideas and I’M SO EXCITED. (also awkward. oh my word i’m so awkward and weird in my videos. but i guess you love my awkward weirdness because you follow this blog.)

OBLIGATORY SUBSCRIPTION PLEADING: I promise I won’t be one of those horribly annoying youtubers who always beg for subscriptions but I DO WANT TO SAY: I am NOT going to be posting here on my blog when I upload a video to youtube! I’ll include links to my monthly videos in these recap posts, and possibly other relevant posts, but otherwise THERE WON’T BE ANYTHING HERE ON THE BLOG. So please subscribe to my channel so you won’t miss anything.

otherthingsheader  HEY YO I’m going to start including a section promoting other humans and bloggers and such. There are LOADS of wonderful posts and people and blogs out there and I want to shove them in your face share them with you because I am a nice.

My dear friend Mirriam Neal has redone her blog and is posting some WONDERFUL content about writing and life.

A Thought About Opinions

Ten Tips for Budding Bloggers

Aimee Meester also wrote some wonderful posts this month:

Darkness Isn’t Cool

A Foolproof Guide to Being as Busy as Me

(and this is the part of the show when I realize how many blogs I don’t follow or read and so awkwardly stand here looking at my script which is actually just a blank piece of paper because I make everything up as I go along anyway.)

AHAH. Yes. I remembered someone I wanted to mention (downside of making everything up as I go along).

A shoutout to Madeline J. Rose, my new regular commenter! Go check out her wonderful blog. And her About Me page. Seriously, she and I could be twins.


(also did you guys notice how many times I used the word ‘wonderful’ in my ‘wonderful things’ section)

(i’m so fabulous)


SO. I BELIEVE THAT IS ALL. I’m probably forgetting 90 hundred things but this post is rather long already (over 1300 words omo) SO MAYBE I SHOULD BE QUIET NOW.

I hope you had a lovely January and I hope you have a lovely February and KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED (actually don’t that sounds painful) FOR A SHINY NEW EXCITING POST TOMORROW.

*runs away before I think of anything else to talk about*

~Your Pickle



9 thoughts on “~JANUARY RECAP~


    Also LotR fonts are life.

    I hate when I think I lose things on Scrivener. >.> BUT aside from that, Scrivener is also life! :D


    *has been on semi-internet-break so has missed all the things oops*

    I hope you have a fantabulous February and that your move goes well!

    1. THEY ARE FABULOUS (i’ve only barely colored in two but i still rabidly collect them. shhh.) The Tolkien and the Sherlock ones Mama found on Amazon. All of them can probably be found there. The Doctor Who I found at Walmart a good while ago. The Princess Bride I got at my used bookstore (that also stocks some fandom merchandise) and the B&B was at Michaels Arts and Crafts!

      I only just recently realized Madeline knows you AND MIRRIAM??? I read that Happy Things blog tag she did that was from YOU and then she mentioned Mirriam’s Paper Crowns? APPARENTLY EVERYONE KNOWS EVERYBODY. I just need to get the memo and stop being surprised XD

  2. WOW, that is an epic Minecraft castle, like seriously. *stares*

    Haha, wonderful selfie. XD And for the record I think your hair is actually really cute cut short. :)

    THAT IS AWESOME LOTR SCRIPT. I wish I was just a sliver of artsy, but I can hardly draw a stickman.

    Ugh, I feel you on the whole laptop mayhem. I just recently had this happen to me and I had to wait for my Dad to come home from work and fix it. IT WAS NERVE-WRACKING.

    PLEASE put Mark of the Rose on Wattpad!! I would love to see it! <3

    YOU MENTIONED ME AGH. *insert blushing emoji* No, YOU are awesome. <3 <3 I absolutely LOVED reading all your #WIPJoy posts and getting to know you a bit! :)

    1. OH BABE I just copy that font, I don’t know it by heart yet XD YOU COULD TOTALLY LEARN IT.

      Thank you for your input on the Wattpad issue! I think I most definitely will post it, I’m just not sure how soon yet. Life and moving and such. Ugh.

      NO YOU ARE THE AWESOME ONE BE QUIET. Thank you for sticking around and commenting so much! I love getting to know my commenters ^.^

  3. YAS DO IT LISA. WE ALL WANT YOU BACK ON WATTPAD. ;) (But still no pressure. You do what you think is best!!)

    And ohhh that selfie.😂 THAT IS TRUE GOLD.

    I am still rooting for you to kick the reading slump soon, but I do understand slumps. I had like mostly 2 stars OR 5 star reads in January?!? Which is so weird. Like everything was brilliant or horrible.😂 When does that happen.

    *sends you cake to help you prepare for the moving stress*


      I’m still having to force myself to read (and not watch Arrow all day XD) but I feel a little better about reading already? Idk.

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