~#WIPjoy Day 29: How long do you expect to be working on this WIP?~

Well, Broken Wing is already about three years old. If I remember right (which I probably don’t) it was first born sometime in 2014. I wrote an almost complete first draft that had no pre-planned plot at all. I was just running with the ideas as they came to me. At least 50% of the original draft has been changed by now. The only thing that’s stuck is the general basis of a scientific facility placing wings on unwilling subjects.

Then I rewrote it for NaNo of 2015 and finished that draft. Shortly after that a huge twist came to me that rendered the whole ending of that draft irrelevant. It’s been simmering since then, slowing building and developing into what it is now. The second book because a concrete concept and I gathered some new characters.

I’m hoping to rewrite it again this year. It really feels like it’s ready for some serious attention. I think it’s finally developed to it’s near final stage and I can write a new first draft without having to majorly overhaul it again. It’s a serious book, and really personal to me, and I want to make sure I imbue it with the themes and messages it’s meant to spread. It’s definitely not a book to be rushed.

As for the entire story, I’m not sure how long I’ll be working on it. But for the first book, I can easily see it polished to decency and published on Wattpad by the end of this year.

 Tomorrow(FINAL DAY): What do you hope touches readers most about this story?


6 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Day 29: How long do you expect to be working on this WIP?~

  1. WATTPAD BY THE END OF THE YEAR. 😍 I’ll be your annoying little fan who makes sure this happens btw. I volunteer as tribute. Also that’s sooooo wonderful that it’s 3 years old now! I write down all my book babies ages too so I can see when they finish their toddler years. :’) #ImProbablyNormal 😂

    1. It has gone through //so much change//. so much. help.

      Yep, I’m skipping the last prompt which is just to recap what the book is about. I always miss writing these posts too. Bethany Jennings usually hosts it ever three or four months, so it should be back around April!

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