~#WIPjoy Day 28: What are you self-conscious about?~

*boots characters out of shadows* talk, guys.

Miki: They don’t look like they want to.

Me: I know, that’s why I’m telling them to. Come on, somebody start. Simon, you go first.

Simon: I always go first.

Me: ‘Cause you’re the leader.

Simon: *deep breath* I’m self-conscious about my wings. They make me… not human. They make me different. I’m strange, I’m avian. I’m… I’m disgusting.

Brittany: You are not! You’re beautiful!

Simon: I’m a monster, Brit.

Brittany: No, you’re not! You’re beautiful and strong and powerful–

Simon: I’m a bird, Brittany. I’m an animal.

Brittany: I don’t care what you are. You’re beautiful to me.

Me: Okay, next.


Me: Oh my word, you guys, you’ll talk about anything else I ask you to. SOMEBODY TALK.

*moar crickets*

Me: *groans* Simon even went. Your leader set the example. Simon, pick someone to go next.

Simon: *shakes head*

Me: *groans louder* Brittany? Please?

Brittany: Uhhmmm… I guess… I do feel bad for what I did to Simon, even if I still think he’s beautiful. He really hates himself sometimes and he struggles so much and… and it really is my fault. I was the one who discovered how to keep the… the subjects from dying after the operation. I don’t know if that counts as self-conscious or not though.

Me: It’s close enough. I’m not gonna complain.

Silver: I hate the facility. I’m pretty chill about my wings. Also, flying is awesome, man. But the facility… it’s so stifling. There’s no sunlight or fresh air or grass or trees or anything. They make us unto half animals and then keep up locked in sterile white rooms with nothing in them. We’re birds, man, we need trees and grass and ponds.

Blaine: I feel awkward being able to detect everything, even though I can’t see. When I approach one of the birds cells, I can tell whether they’re sleeping or awake before I even reach the door. I can tell when Keira is playing in her sink because I can smell the water minerals in the air. I know when Calvin is at target practice no matter where I am in the building because I can hear his arrows hit the target. I can feel when the subjects are in pain or bleeding or crying. It’s so strange and also really hard to pretend I don’t know all those things.

Brent: I guess I feel self-conscious about my feelings toward Keira. It’s pretty common knowledge now that she favors me and I… I’m rather fond of her. I don’t mind Calvin knowing cuz he’s discreet and all, but basically the entire facility knows and they use it against both of us. My feelings aren’t just mine anymore. Everyone knows and it’s just a fact to be used like any other, to create a desired outcome.

Miki: I don’t really know about self-conscious but… but I really really miss Blaine and Silver. Silver and I survived together since we were kids and Blaine came along later and took care of us and was the mom we never really had. Graham and I make it work, but we’re not a gang anymore. We’re empty and it hurts so so much.

 Farewell to Character Takeover week!

 Tomorrow: How long do you expect to be working on this WIP?


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