~#WIPjoy Day 27: Do you sympathize with (or relate to) the antagonist?~

Silver: Who is the actual antagonist?

Me: Technically SceptCo is. Them and their agenda is the antagonizing force.

Silver: Hmm, yeah, we can’t relate to them, obviously, and do they need sympathy? I think not. No.

Me: I think this question works better for books with one set person or people as the antagonist.

Silver: You never have one person as the antagonist.

Me: Rarely. A force or entity is so much more interesting. Also if I have one person doing all the antagonizing, it gets too cliche and cheap. A force that you can’t directly combat or take down is so much better.

Silver: You mean worse.

Me: Yeah. Yeah, that.

Tomorrow: What are you self-conscious about?


4 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Day 27: Do you sympathize with (or relate to) the antagonist?~

  1. I agree, just one villain can be pretty boring. :P I like to include one main, big villain, and then a bunch of others who kinda work with them in my stories. But entities and forces as the enemy can be really interesting too. :)

    1. I only have two books that have a single person driving the antagony and with one of those, I definitely keep the cheapness of all the evil coming from one person. The other still has a little bit of that entity antagonism, even if the face of it is one character.

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