~#WIPjoy Day 26: Tell us about where you live~

Simon: I live in a cell. Most of us do.

Miki: No, only like four of you.

Simon: My… my birds live in cells and so does Elias. Brittany has an apartment in the living area of the facility.

Me: Calvin, where do you even live?

Calvin: The barracks, with Brent and the other guards.

Me: Well, yeah, I know that, but like, do you have your own rooms because you’re head of security?

Calvin: You designed this whole thing and you don’t know?


Calvin: *grins* Most of the guys have one room apartments. I have a two room apartment with a bathroom. I also have my own office closer to the laboratory levels.

Me: Blaine, where do you live?

Calvin: How much about us do you not know?

Me: Let’s not talk about that.

Blaine: I don’t know where I live because you haven’t figured that out yet.

Me: Okay, this is a problem. You need a place to stay. You probably stay in a housing level with the rest of the staff that aren’t guards or scientists. So you probably have a room to yourself, like Brent does.

Blaine: Okay.



Miki: And in sewer pipes.

Silver: Man, I miss our sewer pipes.

Me: Okay, talk more about where you guys live.

Simon: Well, there’s a flight room where we’re supposed to stretch out wings and learn how to fly. And sometimes we’re taken to laboratory rooms so tests can be done to see how our bodies are handling our wings. That’s all we go, really.

Silver: Ahem.

Simon: *slight grin* and sometimes Silver and I go places we’re not supposed to.


Simon: Yes. We broke in the kitchen once so she could make herself some Thai food.

Silver: We got in so much trouble. It was awesome.

Calvin: I have pretty much free reign over the entire facility. I can go wherever I want except for a few places. I snoop around a lot.

Brent: Yeah, at night.

Calvin: Look, if you could see in the dark, you’d sneak around at night too.

Me: What about you, Blaine?

Blaine: *looks up* What?

Calvin: DO NOT be fooled by that innocent facade.

Blaine: *blink* What?

Calvin: You do plenty of your snooping.

Blaine: I just detect things and remember them. That’s all.

Calvin: That is not all.

Blaine: I don’t know what you mean.

Calvin: You’re doing your sweet innocent face thing.

Blaine: I don’t have a sweet innocent face thing.

Calvin: You’re lying.

Me: Okay, guys, can we stick to the task at hand?

Calvin: No, we’re arguing.

Me: *eyeroll* OKAY Miki, tell us about how you live.

Miki: Well, before Blaine and Silver were taken, they and Graham and me survived together in the ruins around the SceptCo facility. Now it’s just Graham and me and we’ve moved farther away from it so neither of us will get taken. We rummage through old grocery stores and houses and find canned food that hasn’t gone bad, and sometimes we find gardens that have grown wild. There’s a couple old farms to the north and we go hunt there sometimes for animals.

 Tomorrow: Do you sympathize with (or relate to) the antagonist?


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