~New Bullet Journal video~

I interupt your regularly scheduled program to announce THAT I HAVE FINALLY FILMED THE BULLET JOURNAL VIDEO I PROMISED LIKE NINE YEARS AGO. (actually like four weeks ago but shh.)

In this video I recap the rest of my old BuJo and give a flip through of my new one.

IMPORTANT NOTICE OF DOOM: Please subscribe to my channel! After this I won’t be posting here on the blog anymore when a new video is uploaded to my channel so SUBSCRIBE SO YOU DON’T MISS ANY OF MY AWESOMENESS.

(Ahem. I’m beginning to sound like Cait.)

Now go feast your eyes on my journal.


2 thoughts on “~New Bullet Journal video~

  1. I loooooved your vlog.😍 Especially the walk thru of your 2017 one because now I have more tips. 😂 I love how you’ve got some pages stuck on top of others so you can flip them up (hopefully you know what I mean hhaah) but that’s an excellent idea, tbh, especially for me who’s gotten into this bad habit of writing out 8732 million book releases. *whistles innocently* I also haven’t had a chance to work on mine for aaaaages but I will this weekend!! YOU’RE THE JOURNAL QUEEN FOR SURE. *bows*

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