~#WIPjoy Day 22: Describe yourself in five words~

 (Due to the size of my cast, each of the questions this week will only be answered by a few of the characters who best fit each question.)

 Q: Describe yourself in five words.

 Simon: Describe myself? I don’t… I don’t know how to describe myself.

 Me: Okay, have Brittany do it.

 Simon: *turns to Brittany* How could you describe me, Brit?

 Brittany: *gazes at him**cocks head* Hmmm. You’re… strong, I think. Definitely protective. Very caring. Your flock is very important to you.

 Simon: That was way more than five words, but okay.

 Brittany: How would you describe me?

 Simon: Fragile. In need of protection. Delicate. Small.


 Me: Okay, Calvin and Blaine. Describe each other.

 Blaine: I can’t describe him. I can’t see him.

 Calvin: Not what I look like. How I am. What you think of me.

 Blaine: Oh. Well then. *frowns* This would still be a lot easier if I could see you.

 Calvin: Okay, I’ll go first. You’re smart, like really smart, but you purposely hide it under a bland, vacant-ish exterior.

 Blaine: You’re supposed to use five words, not twenty five.

 Calvin: Hush, I’m not done. But you’re sweet and caring and gentle and you notice so much, it’s kind of disturbing considering you can’t see.

 Blaine: Um, thanks.

 Calvin: Your turn.

 Blaine: I still don’t know. You’re like… you’re tough and a good leader and all that, but half of that is fake. You hide behind your weapons and leather armor and your stupid grin because it makes you feel safe.

 Calvin: I thought you said you couldn’t see me.

 Blaine: I can’t, but you just said I notice things.

 Calvin: And it’s creepy.


 Me: Brent, you describe Keira.

 Brent: *brow wrinkles* she’s… complicated. I think she’s in pain. In her head; her mind. She’s so confused and it hurts so much to watch. I’m glad I can help her, even if it’s not much.

Tomorrow: What’s one thing you’d change in your past?


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