~#WIPjoy Day 14: Which characters get along the worst?~

After the majority of trust issues are taken care of and they’re a team, everyone gets along pretty well. The exception is Elias. He is a prickly little cactus and even though he cares about those around him, he doesn’t always act like it. He’s quite prone to blowing up and snapping at people. It’s not really personal though. He’s just always on edge. He has a slight vendetta again Calvin though, for reasons I haven’t fully explored, and also because Elias has major trust issues (they all do, really) and Calvin is/was the head of security at SceptCo, so there’s always a little bit of distrust toward him from most of the team.

Then there’s Solomon. I really didn’t think I’d end up talking so much about him this month and I barely mentioned him in the intro post. But he’s a bird, like Simon and Silver, and he comes in in the second book. The mental side affects from his operation and evolution is unfounded rage. Where Simon is apathetic because he no longer cares, Solomon is a constantly burning fuse. So when he meets up with the team, he doesn’t get along with any of them and they don’t get along with him for quite a while. Simon has to work on him for some time before he calms down and creates lasting ties with the others

Tomorrow: At it’s best, my WIP’s dialogue is…


6 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Day 14: Which characters get along the worst?~

  1. Hey, this is a good idea, to put the WIPjoy questions into a blog post. I always tweet mine, but THERE’S NEVER ENOUGH CHARACTERS. There’s so much I want to explain about my babies!! I might put all of them in one post, actually. Thanks for the inspiration!! Keep up that great character development too. :D

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