See, every time there’s a question relating to antags, I have no idea how to answer it because 90% of the time, my antagonist isn’t a person. Or at least not ONE person. It’s usually an entity or an idea or something like that.

My antagonizing force is SceptCo, the corporation experimenting with controlled human evolution. A week ago I might have been able to cobble together some sort of decent response to this prompt, but last week I had a major brainstorming session and now I’m not even sure what SceptCo’s true motives are.

The one thing I am completely sure of is, SceptCo isn’t actually evil like it originally was. They’re doing horrible things, but it’s kinda ‘doing the wrong thing for the right reason’.

Once I know what that ‘right reason’ is, I’ll let you know.

Tomorrow: What’s a message about relationships in your book?