A lot of my characters have met before the book starts, but they ‘re-meet’ in the beginning. After Simon’s procedure, he only knows facts, he doesn’t have any memories of his life before. So he and Brittany ‘met’ in the beginning, and he knows her, but he doesn’t remember knowing her before the operation. Brittany does, obviously, and she rather shocked by how different he is after the surgery.

Simon also remembers his brother and his sister, but they re-met as well. Keira doesn’t remember hardly anything and she gets horribly confused when Simon talks to her and she almost remembers him, but not quite. Elias does remember everything, because he hasn’t been operated on yet, and he’s incredibly frustrated with Simon for not being as emotional about the whole situation, even though he knows Simon can’t remember anything to be emotional about.

Simon and Silver meet when they both escape security and go exploring in parts of the facility they’re not supposed to go.

Silver and Miki grew up together and like Simon, Silver knows she has a sister but doesn’t have distinct memories of her. So after the ones in SceptCo escape the facility and meet up with Miki, they meet again.

Calvin and Graham reunite after being separated for a lot of years. They’re meeting is toward the end of the book.

Tomorrow: Anyone suffering from a broken heart?