~#WIPjoy Day 6: Which character is hardest to write?~

This is really strange, but it is SO. STINKIN. HARD. to write Simon from third person. When he’s in a scene that I’m writing from someone else’s POV, he never EVER acts right. He’s so stiff and weird and I hate it. I’m always deep inside his head and so when I try to write him from NOT inside his head, it never works.

I have the feeling that a certain character in the second book might be quite a handful to wrangle onto the page.

Sometimes Calvin can be tricky to get right, but I think that’s because I don’t know him as well as I know some of the others.

January 8th: Who is your protagonist’s best friend?


8 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Day 6: Which character is hardest to write?~

  1. ooh, that’s really interesting how it’s hard to write your protagonist from a different perspective! I’ve actually not had that, but I think that’s because I usually write from one perspective.😜 I love these insights into your writing process! :’)

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying these posts XD Multiple perspectives is always a bit tricky I think. I don’t think I have any book that’s solely from one character’s POV. I always have at least two.

  2. I UNDERSTAND THIS. Like, some of the characters I write best when I’m in their head, just don’t sound right when it’s from another POV. IT’S WEIRD. I can’t explain it. But I totally sympathize with you!

    Although from the drafts I read, Simon never seemed out of character in other’s POVs. And Calvin was amazing!

    1. IT IS WEIRD BUT IT’S DEFINITELY A THING. I’m glad Simon and Calvin seem okay to you, as a reader. I know I’m much more picky because I’m the writer, but it’s good to know it’s not obvious to readers that I’m struggling XD

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