~Mega Bullet Journal Post of Doom~

Alright. This post has been a long time coming. Several months ago I think I asked if you dear followers would like me to make a general, intro-type Bullet Journal post and the feedback was positive. (I think. I’m going by memory here XD)

So. This post won’t be TOO very intro//how-to//blah blah. Mostly this will be a collection of links and generalizations. Basically a master post you can jump off from and go different directions.

I will include pictures of my Bullet Journal and some tips and advice I’ve learned from experience, but first we’ll dive into the links.

Before you do ANYTHING, you must go to bulletjournal.com and read about it from the creator Ryder Carroll. The intro on bulletjournal.com is very minimalist, but it is perfect to give you a good idea of what’s at the heart and soul of the bullet journal concept. Check out that website, and also this youtube video.


After that, I highly suggest you check out Kara Benz’s ‘Bullet Journal 101’ series. It’s in blog post and youtube format. It’s very indepth and thorough. Though rather long, I STRONGLY encourage you to go through it.

Okay. Now you have a good general idea of what Bullet Journaling is, at its base. Before I throw you any more links, I’m going to insert a bit of advice:

  • Don’t try to make your Bullet Journal too complicated. Your style and preferences will emerge over time. For now, just make it functional. Make sure it’s actually a helpful tool before you make it pretty.

Got that? Alright. You have to get that through your head before we move on and I show you anything else.


Here is a link to one of my friend’s blogs. She started Bullet Journaling last year and her BuJo is beautifully simple. She doesn’t use hardly any of the basic pages and spreads, only the few that work for her, and I think her journal is gorgeous: To the Barricade.

Next, I’m going to send you to Emily’s blog, Loony Literate. It was her blog and a few links I found in her posts, that lead me into Bullet Journaling. Hers is very artistic and she uses printouts, but to me her journal still feels very laid back and easy-going.

I already sent you to Kara Benz’s blog for her Bullet Journal 101 series, but I’m going to suggest you head back over there and poke around for a while. She’s my favorite bullet journalist and she’s constantly making content about BuJoing. I also suggest heading back to her youtube and finding her monthly ‘Plan With Me‘ videos. If you’re interested in Bullet Journaling for blogging and social media, I’ll direct you straight to this post.

And again, I will turn you around and march you back to Emily’s blog. Here are all her posts related to Bullet Journaling. She has some great ideas to incorporate art into BuJo-ing.

Other great blogs to check out are:

OKAY. I think I’m done throwing links and blogs at you. Now for my own Bullet Journal and things I’ve learned since diving into it.

I’m on my second Bullet Journal to date. My BuJo birthday is April 6th. I started a new journal January 1st that is a bit more structured than my first one. My number one piece of advice would definitely be:


I had this fear when I started, and I see so many other people freak out over the possibility of ‘ruining’ their journal.

My pen was dying. and you can see I didn’t fill in my time trackers.

First of all, fear over something that hasn’t happened yet and might not ever happen is a bad thing to have.

Second, there’s no way to learn if you don’t ‘mess up’. In the Bullet Journal community, there are no mistakes. Only lessons. You never ruin or waste a page. You just found something that doesn’t work for you. Turn the page and try something else.

To prove to you that it doesn’t ruin your journal, the ONLY pictures of my BuJo I’m going to put in this post will be of ‘mistake’ pages.


Now, for the most part, my Bullet Journal sticks pretty close to the basics. I bounce back and forth between minimalist and more artsy. I have a box of washi tape I use when I feel like it, and I use my Staedtler Fineliners when I want some color. I also love me some stickers, so every once in a while I throw some in.

I primarily use monthlies and dailies with the odd Collection or Weekly interspersed. I DO keep a second ‘bullet journal’ for long term collections like birthdays, addresses, TBR list, etc. Things I don’t need to keep with me every day and I don’t want to transfer every time I start a new Bullet Journal. This system works pretty well for me. I change things and add things and drop things as my needs and wants change.

I tried to draw a firework on July 4th and it looks like a confetti carrot

Sometimes I make vlogs about my BuJo. Here is my youtube channel if you want to see a walk through of my BuJos.

I hope this post was relatively informative and helpful! If you have any questions please leave a comment!

~Your Pickle.

6 thoughts on “~Mega Bullet Journal Post of Doom~

  1. THIS IS A POST OF GLORIOUSNESS. *clicks on all the links* thank yoooou for putting it together. :’)

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