~#WIPjoy Day 1: Introduce your WIP~

~Yo, Happy New Year, humans! And happy first day of #WIPjoy.

I’m featuring my WIP Broken Wing this month. This image has been my working cover since the first word I wrote.


Broken Wing is a futuristic, sci-fi, utopian, medical thriller thing? I guess? The United States is now made up of bio-domes. No one lives out in the open air anymore. The only civilization is within bio-domes that stand where large cities used to.

There is a scientific corporation called SceptCo that specializes in controlled evolution. They experiment with human and animal DNA to discover how to enhance the human race.

The book takes place in a SceptCo facility that focuses on birds and their main goal is to see if they can successfully transplant genetically engineered wings onto humans to enable flight.


My cast is made up of several of the human experiments:

Simon, my lead protagonist, is the first experiment to survive the operation that gave him wings. He suffers from PTSD, has almost exclusive memory loss of anything in his life before the operation, and he can’t feel pain except for dull discomfort.

Silver is the second experiment to survive the operation. She is Miki’s sister. She loves Thai food.

Keira is the first of a second batch of experiments. After having a high enough success rate with Simon’s batch, they combined several other successful procedures and altered Keira’s sight and brain capacity. She’s quite feral and animalistic. She’s Simon’s sister, but she doesn’t remember him.

Elias, Simon’s brother, is in line to get a wing transplant, but at the time of the book, he hasn’t had the operation yet. He’s very volatile and angry. He was adopted into Simon’s family at the age of four.

Members of Sceptco:

Brittany is the scientist who made the breakthrough discovery that enabled the Simon and the experiments after him to survive the operation. Sceptco found her when she was in her second year of college and offered to pay for her continued education if she would come work for them. During the book she develops a relationship with Simon as she cares for and observes him after his operation.

Calvin is the head of security at SceptCo and was himself experimented on when he was a teenager. He was one of the first to receive the sight operation they later did on Keira. The result is he can see in the dark, his eyes are a deep sunset gold, and he can see in the dark.

Blaine also had the eye operation done to her, but with disastrous results. She’s legally blind and can only see blurs of color around her. But her other senses sharpened to take over for her eyes and she can sense what’s around her with unnerving accuracy. At first SceptCo thought she was a failure, but after observing her, they decided not to terminate her life and keep her for further study.

Brent is a security guard and monitors the experiments in their cells. He’s the only person Keira doesn’t try to murder on sight. She’d decided he’s safe and she’s very protective and responsive to him. Though he’s just a guard, SceptCo uses him to control Keira, since he’s the only one who can do anything with her.

And my darling street rats:

Miki, Silver’s sister and Blaine’s friend, lives on the streets outside of the bio-domes. Her grandparents escaped being herded into the biodomes along with some other people, and since then they’ve scraped out a living in the deserted cities and towns. Silver and Blaine and Calvin were all kidnapped from the streets to be used as experiments.

Graham, Calvin’s brother, is a member of Miki’s gang. He’s very bitter over his life situation and what happened to his brother.

And then I have Andy, who I’m not sure is destined to remain in the book. He’s been in Miki’s gang since my first draft, but he honestly doesn’t serve any real purpose in the general plot of the book, but I’m loath to get rid of him.

Phew. Okay. That’s all. This is the largest cast I have EVER. WRITTEN. at eleven characters. And that’s before we even get to the second book, which adds at least four more semi main characters to the bunch. *headdesk*

ANYWAY I hope that gives you a good introduction to my book. I know it was heavily character based, but this is a very character driven novel, just because of the NUMBER of characters there are, so I wanted you to have a good grasp on them all, because I’m sure every single one of them will be mentioned during this month.

Tomorrow: Why does your protagonist pull at your heartstrings?


8 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Day 1: Introduce your WIP~

  1. Hello Lisa!

    These characters are SO intriguing…I love character-driven books. :) I happen to like juggling large casts of characters too (sometimes a little *too* many characters…XD ) I can’t wait to hear more about it! <3

    And Happy New Year to you too! :)

  2. I LOVED THIS INTRO SO MUCH. It’s so nice just getting to *meet* everyone!! Precious little abused birds. (Simon though. <3) And I'm so impressed at how big your cast is!! My casts are usually like 3 or 4 characters because I can't remember any more names than that hahah.

    1. YAS SIMON. And ugh i don’t even know how this cast got so large. and I forgot about ANOTHER character who’ll be introduced in the second book too. CAIT WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO.

  3. BROKEN WING. ALL MEH BBYS. It was so great reading about them again, even if it’s just introducing them. Gosh, I’ve missed these precious children. <333 I'm soooo excited you're doing BW for #WIPjoy. I'm gonna have so fun this month reading all your posts! :D

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