~Year End, Year Beginning~

~Okay peoples. I have a few random things I want to address and mention before we launch into 2017 and get straight into #WIPjoy tomorrow.

I AM doing #WIPjoy in January. I’m featuring Broken Wing. But I’m doing it slightly different this time than the other times I’ve done it. Due to moving next month and all the stress and activity I know I’ll be swamped with, I’m not doing quite ALL the #WIPjoy prompts. Even though I refuse to NOT do #WIPjoy, I’m not going to lay too much undue stress on myself with it. Here is the image with all the prompts on it so you can look ahead and see what the questions are, and so you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say I’m skipping all the ‘share a line’ prompts. I haven’t been in my Broken Wing document in forever and my current drafts aren’t anywhere near ready for public viewing. So I’m going to skip those prompts and not post snippets and lines from the document. Just about all the other prompts I will be doing (there’s one or two I haven’t made my mind up about yet).

I’m also not going to be taking any extra questions. Feel free to ask questions in the comments and I’ll answer them directly, but I won’t make them into their own posts.

For a few years I’ve tried to do the ‘word of the year’ thing and pick a word to stick with throughout the year. Before it never worked very well and I usually forgot about my word around March, but this year I’m going to make a concentrated effort to keep with my word. For about a week before Christmas I was trying to settle on one word and I had about half a dozen I couldn’t pick between. Then on Christmas Eve the right one came to me. My word for 2017 is NO because I need to learn to say it and not feel bad, and learn to put myself first sometimes and not always be so selfless. I wanted something that encapsulated self-care and rest, and this hit both of those perfectly.


For the last few months I’ve been trying to keep on a posting schedule of every other Saturday, and if I have a post idea in those intervening weeks, I post it on the free Saturday. Aside from #WIPjoy, I’m going to stick to that schedule. Two posts a month really cuts down on my stress and having it on a regular day helps as well. That being said, I do want to focus on posting Bullet Journal videos and posts more often, as well as start a new, on going post series about surviving abuse. It’s been on my heart for a while to open up more about what I’ve been through and help others, and I feel like a series is the right way to go about it.

I mentioned it in my previous post but I’m starting a new Bullet Journal for the new year. I’m planning to make a video on it, but for now, bask in it’s beautifulness.


Other plans for 2017 that aren’t related to blogging include:

  • Become a doula
  • Go to Realm Makers
  • Pay off my car


Well, that’s about it. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and an even better New Year.

~Your Pickle


15 thoughts on “~Year End, Year Beginning~

  1. Eeep, these are such good goals! And I can’t WAIT to hear more about Broken Wing. <3 I also have "start a journal and keep going with it" on my list of things to do…except I mean, I haven't even DECIDED HOW TO SET IT OUT YET and it's 2017 tomorrow. *sweats nervously* 😂 But I'll do it and probably keep you updated with frequent whingeing. ;)
    I also think learning to say no is a super important thing and I struggle with it too…so I HEAR YOU. and goOD LUCK!

    1. YAS BBY YOU NEED TO SET UP YOUR JOURNAL//BULLET JOURNAL//WHATEVER YOU’RE GOING TO DO. I can help. I will give all the helps. *mildly obsessed with bullet journaling**ahem*

      well LUCKY FOR YOU I already wrote up tomorrow’s #WIPjoy post and I PROMISE YOU there is all sorts of lovely info and intro stuff. I’m quite excited. YOU GET TO OFFICIALLY MEET ALL MY BROKEN WING BBYS.

  2. I’m so excited your’re doing #WIPjoy and BROKEN WIIIING. :D CAN’T WAIT.

    I LOVE the word you chose for 2017. That’s actually something I had practiced this year: saying no without feeling guilty. And it made the year SO less stressful than some previous years. I actually had time to take care of myself and focus on my own writing projects, instead of constantly doing things for other people. One has to find balance in these things, and sometimes that means saying no. So I’m really proud of you for wanting to practice that!

    I love ALL your goals! And your new journal is absolutely gorgeous. *drools*

    I do so hope your 2017 is a blessed one, Pickle. Love you! <3


    I admire your word of the year. I need to work on “No” sooo bad. -_-

    I hope you have a fabulous 2017 and get all your things done!!! ^_^

    Also… for ages now I’ve seen you talking about bullet journals and I’ve heard references elsewhere and I just need to know… what is a bullet journal? *hides plzdon’tkillmeformyignorance*

    1. NU I won’t kill you for your ignorance! It’s gaining popularity, but it’s not that common yet. It’s basically a planner system that you make all yourself, with just a blank notebook and a pen. In fact, the other day I wrote up a master blog post with tons of links and stuff about it, but it won’t go live until February, because of #WIPjoy. In the mean time, I suggest you go to bulletjournal.com, and if you want to see more of mine, I made a few Youtube flipthrough videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbhqvAUuAR4

      1. ‘Kay, thanks! Cool video, and the website finally set me straight. XD I realized I’ve been doing stuff like this for ages and didn’t know it was a dedicated system. o.o So, interesting! I’ll look forward to your future post about it, too. ^_^

  4. NO is a good word choice. It’s definitely been something I’ve been working on over the past year or so–learning how to say it and not feel guilty! XD


    By the way, I thought you should know I’ve been experimenting with bullet journaling lately, just in an old, half-used notebook. I bought a new one to use starting tomorrow (how in the world is it almost 2017 already?!), and even though it’s a lined journal instead of one with a dot graph I plan to have fun with it. Your bujo posts helped spark my interest in it over the last few months! ^_^

    Happy New Year, Lisa!!!

    1. YAS I WANT TO GO TO REALM MAKERS. I’m going to do everything in my power to make it happen this year. Are you planning to go??

      YAY BULLET JOURNALING. I actually had a mega info post scheduled for February but SO MANY PEOPLE have been asking me about it the last few days that I moved the schedule date up and it’ll go live on Tuesday– one of the days I had planned to skip the #WIPjoy prompt.

      And I use a lined notebook. I tried to go for dot grid but I can’t stand it. Lines work for me. It’s whatever works best for you, no matter what it looks like to anyone else.

    1. SHENNACHIE. I’ve been thinking about you lately! Yes, it’s time for #WIPjoy again XD I’m SO EXCITED to feature Broken Wing this month. It’ll be great.

      The best conferences do seem to always be so far away. I hope you can make it sometime!!

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