~Merry Christmas Eve of Doom~

Hallo bloggerlings. I realized an hour or so ago that yo, it’s Saturday, and I had no blog post scheduled for today. So voila I am here to remedy that.

I haven’t done a proper recap post for like three months and I dearly miss it. But I am sad to say, this post will not be a proper recap post. But it will be a recap of sorts. III.

SO FIRST it are Christmas Eve so MERRY CHRISTMAS DARLING HUMANS. I hope you have a lovely Eve and Day.

This year our Christmas is quite patch-match. If I haven’t mentioned it yet before, we’re moving to South Carolina next month so we didn’t bother getting the Christmas decorations out. Which is sad. But understandable. I made Mama promise we’d make up for it next year.

But we still have pie and food and gifts so it’s all well and good. Mostly.

You see, I’m sick again.

Yep. Again.

Technically I’m on the tail end of it now– I’ve been feeling better for a few days. But yes, I’ve been sick since Monday ish. I usually never EVER GET SICK OF EVER but apparently 2016 had other plans.

ALSO I finished my NaNo novel! Thursday the 15th I finished it in a coffee shop at a little over 45k. I’ve sent it out to a few beta readers and I hope to get started on the second draft soon.

Bullet Journal news: I’M STARTING A NEW BULLET JOURNAL JANUARY FIRST. yaaaaas omo i’ve already gone through my first one (well, there’s 15 pages left which makes me mildly sad but I’m not going to mess up a perfect new start just to finish those pages XD). IF ALL GOES WELL (which means, basically, if I don’t procrastinate and just make myself do it) I WILL MAKE A BUJO VLOG AAALLLLLL ABOUT MY NEW JOURNAL AND RECAP MY OLD ONE. Soooooo excitedness.

Alright, I have a slight dilemma. I am mildly obsessed with Minecraft (mentioned it in my last semi recap post) and I’m torn between telling you about what I’ve been doing in game or not? Like yo, this is a lifestyle ish blog and it’s MY BLOG so I can do whatever I want. Buuuuuuuuut. Idk, I don’t want to gush over my Minecraft castle and y’all be like “pickle shut up we don’t care ’bout your game tell us about your bullet journal” OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.

Honestly I’m slightly awkwarded out to even mention wanting to talk about my dumb game on here. BUT LET ME KNOW, DARLINGS. If you want me to VERY BRIEFLY recap random Minecraft things in these posts, let me know. And if you don’t want me to, LET ME KNOW TOO. I write only for you, dear humans. (That’s actually not completely true. I write MOSTLY for you, my dear humans.)

(I just realized how many affectionate names I’ve included in this post. I believe I’ve set a record.)

I do seriously miss blogging and doing my regular posts. I can’t wait to get back into monthly recaps and my other various posts. I’m HOPING I can do that in January, but with the move and packing and WHO KNOWS, MAYBE BEING SICK AGAIN I honestly don’t know. We shall see.

(Also I believe there miiiiiiiiiiight be a #WIPjoy happening in January >.> but don’t take my word for it.)

(Actually, scratch that. I just checked and THERE IS A #WIPjoy IN JANUARY. CHECK OUT THIS TWEET FROM BETHANY –> https://twitter.com/simmeringmind/ )

(So, that changes things. I don’t know how I’ll manage to do #WIPjoy on top of moving and various other posts I want to make right after New Years BUT YO, I THINK I SAY THAT EVERY TIME #WIPjoy COMES AROUND. We will make it work.)

For that matter, I need to figure out which WIP to do for it. I’m letting Dement rest, and I’ve done it twice for #WIPjoy, so I think it’s time to star another project. I can do either my NaNo novel, Mark of the Rose, or one of my older ideas, Broken Wing (which needs work and attention anyway). SO TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT, HUMANS. Mark of the Rose or Broken Wing?

I suppose that’s all for all. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

~Your Pickle




4 thoughts on “~Merry Christmas Eve of Doom~

  1. I am so sorry my Pickle is sick! D: And during Christmas and getting ready to move and everything. Boo on you, sickness! Leave meh Pickle alone. *shakes fist* I do so hope you get over it and STAY well! *sends cookies and blankets and good books to read*

    Congrats on finishing your novel!!! HOW EXCITING.

    Oh man, Minecraft. I used to be sooo obsessed with that. I think it’d actually be totally fun to get little Minecraft updates from you! I say go for it! :D

    As far as #WIPJoy, I’d totally be ecstatic over one for Broken Wing! BUT, I love hearing about any and all of your projects, so I’ll be happy with whatever you choose.

    Merry Christmas, Pickle! I so, so, so hope you get to feeling completely better and have an absolutely blessed Christmas and New Year’s. <3

    1. Thank you, Lauri! Merry Christmas to you too! I think I’ll end up going with Broken Wing because it needs attention and I don’t know if MOTR is developed enough to give me the content I need for #WIPjoy.

  2. WANT TO HEAR ABOUT ALL YOUR WIPS SO I’M NOT HELP WHATSOEVER. :D And awk, you need to stop being sick, honestly now, Lisa. It is not good to spend this much time sick!! *sends you soups and glares at you to rest*
    I hope you still have a good christmas day tomorrow!

    1. YOU AREN’T ANY HELP AT ALL CAIT UGH. I know the feeling though XD EVENTUALLY (hahaha) Imma do a blog series that I’ll be using most of my WIPs and characters for, so I won’t have to pick just one AND THEN YOU CAN HAVE ALL MY WIPs ARE YOU HAPPY XD

      I’m getting betterrrrrrr! I’m mostly over my sick now.

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