~Recap of sorts II~

~So this post was supposed to be about how the last two weeks of NaNo have been, toffee pictures, and probably several other things that I can’t remember at the moment.

But in reality I doubt it’s going to be anything like that. Mostly I’m just checking in with y’all and letting you know I’m still alive, and posting on this exact day because I’m SORT OF TRYING TO POST ON SATURDAYS//EVERY OTHER SATURDAY and maybe have a posting schedule for the first time in nearly FOUR YEARS OF BLOGGING.

SO. Nano was going great until last Thursday. I brilliantly bashed my face on my desk two seconds after turning my alarm off at 6:35 and things have gone downhill since then. I’m not even at 35k in my novel and haven’t written since like Tuesday or something.

Wednesday I was in bed ALL DAY because I got sick AGAIN. (yo this entire month, i’m telling ya. uuugghhhh). Thursday was Thanksgiving and me being thankful that I was HEALTHY ENOUGH TO TALK AND ACTUALLY EAT FOOD WITH THE FAMILY.

I’ve decided to sell toffee this holiday season and made a batch yesterday but I didn’t cook it long enough so it’s more like caramel sauce than toffee bars. Hence why there are NO TOFFEE PICTURES IN THIS POST. Also my cold is trying to resurface so honestly I don’t feel well enough to even try making more toffee or deal with pictures. (I’m also out of one of the ingredients I need to make more toffee sooooooo…)

I’m not giving up on NaNo, but I’ve let go of any real hope of reaching 50k. If I feel well enough on Monday I might try to grind out the 15k+ I need to get there. But that’s a big maybe. Either way I’m going to keep writing this book until it’s finished because I refuse to leave it hanging this close to the end.

Idk how to wrap up this post, except to say that in spite everything I am, in fact, alive, if just barely, and counting the seconds until November is over and glaring at December to be nicer to me than this month was.

~Your tired, sick, tired Pickle.


6 thoughts on “~Recap of sorts II~

  1. Aww, I’m so sad you’ve had such a rotten month for health. That truly is sadness. I HOPE YOU COME BACK TO FULL HEALTH SOON!! And I’m sure you’ll finish of your book at some point, right?! As long as it gets written, deadlines don’t so much matter. :D

    1. Yeah, true, and that’s what I’m telling myself, even though the whole NaNo thing IS exciting and yada yada. But man I can’t push myself even if I wanted to (which I don’t XD).

  2. ACK. I am so sorry you’ve been so sick. That’s not okay! Shame on you, sickness, hurting my Pickle. >.>

    Don’t push yourself too hard with NaNo, okay? Just think of all the words you’ve already written! You’ve done awesome. Just take care of yourself. *huggles*

    I do so hope December is much better for you! <3

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