~Recap of sorts: NaNo Snippets and Junk.


So today was supposed to be a recap of sorts and general check in.

I was also supposed to write this post yesterday.

Yesterday I happened to be grossly sick so the only thing that happened when I came home from work was Minecraft and Netflix.

(Sidenote: I started playing Minecraft like a month ago and it’s so cheesy and geeky and fun.)


I am doing the NaNo thing. I’ve been keeping a day or two ahead in my wordcount, until today when I’m not ahead anymore because I took yesterday and Wednesday off. I’m also slightly stuck in my story that had been chugging along nicely these first 19,000 words, so I’ve been sort of trying to get my momentum back up.

Being sick doesn’t help that, btw. Just saying.

So NO I am not dead but maaaaaan I’ve been sick. Since I got home from my friend’s wedding (Was gone the last five days of October. Great for nano planning #not) I’ve been so sick. My dermatitis is flaring up, including a large spot on my hand. My stomach, always picky but for some reason picked THIS MONTH to casually murder me basically every time I eat anything. (Okay not quite but ALMOST.) And I’ve been having weird aches and pains in my legs, abdomen cramps. ETC.

Basically I’m a mess and I’m trying to do Nano through this and just survive and sometimes it doesn’t work out so great.

(Btw, I’m not complaining. Please don’t think I’m having a pity party or anything. I just want to let y’all know what’s been going on in my life and 89% of that is me being sick.)

My aunt and uncle ordered a dragon from me. At first I cringed over the colors but they actually turned out relatively okay. She looks like a little grape XD


I GOT WASHI TAPE STICKERS. I’ve been kind of remiss in my BuJo-ing but I have washi tape stickers so that helps.


(I have like 25 pages left in this BuJo before I move into a new one o__o I’ve been BuJoing since April AND IT DOESN’T FEEL LIKE IT’S BEEN //THAT// LONG.)

For those of you who don’t know what the premise of my NaNo novel is, it’s this:

Robin Hood, Sleeping Beauty, pirate, viking,  Norwegian mashup thing.

That is exactly what my book is about.

So, having a negative amount of time to plan, I decided I would just slap out the absolute worst first draft in the history of books and then edit into some sort of decency. I’m not live beta-ing this one, which gives me the freedom to time skip, brief over scenes and chapters and years that I’ll have to go back and fill in, and have the absolute worse word choices and no one will ever knooooowwww.

So with that mindset, I started NaNo. Nearly every time I sat down to write during the first week I thought, “This is trash. Trash trash trash. Horrible. Bad. Ew. Gross. Trash trash trash.”

And then I sent out some snippets to some of my friends who are very invested in my book and I’ve been Word Warring with my Pack and sharing more snippets




The premise? Yeah. The characters? I hope so.

But man, they were raving over my //word choices// and //word pictures// and excuse me wHAT because no I am purposely writing the worst trash of ever.

But to be honest, it was really nice to be told my story sounded ‘epic’. Now I have a bit more hope for when it comes time to edit.

AND NOW because I am a nice pickle and I love you all: I AM GOING TO SHARE SOME SNIPPETS WITH YOU since apparently this book is epic so obviously snippets are in order. *snod*


She tore off her cloak to show the rose emblem burned into her leather armor, the symbol of the DeBurgh clanship. Her cloak caught the wind like a ship’s sail and she let it fly, reaching for her sword and pushing through the crowd to the closest wooden building. With deft, crude swipes, she cut the outline of the DeBurgh Rose into the wood.


Thovald clapped her on the shoulder. “Have no fear, princess. We’ll follow ya anywhere, right Ragnar?”

“If you call me princess again I will kick you.”

Thovald jerked his hand away. “Right, yes, of course. My apologies.”

Rose raised an eyebrow at him. Was he afraid of her?


“That’s right folks, I have every rose here you could want! Real roses, wooden roses, carved roses, leather roses; any rose you could imagine. Come get your roses here!”

Rose stumbled and Ragnar caught her elbow, righting her and casually slinging his arm around her shoulders to make it look natural.

“What on earth are they doing?” Rose gasped, her breath beyond gone.

“Supporting their queen, it looks like.” Ragnar commented, guiding her to another vendor.


“You–” he breathed. “You’re–”

“The runaway queen?” Rose finished for him. She glanced around, taking in the townspeople who had gathered closer and the rest of the market. “I thought a runaway was someone who… ran.”


“Let me repeat myself.” she said calmly, once he had quieted. “I let you go and you leave this man alone. Do I make myself clear?”

He panted, gasping for breath under her. “I will never made a deal with you, you barbarian.” he wheezed.

Rose let her sword dip until it rested on the ground beside him. “Well. If that’s how it is, then barbarism you shall have.”

She stepped off of him and hauled him off the cobblestones, then swung her sword and cut off his head.



8 thoughts on “~Recap of sorts: NaNo Snippets and Junk.

  1. OKAY WOW THAT LAST ONE THO. THAT WAS INTENSE.😂 You are being quite the evil author these days. #nice

    Also sadness for being sick so much *sends warm soup and hugs* That is not fun at all and I totally admire you for getting ANY writing done while not feeling top notch. Last year I finished off writing a book as I was coming down with the actual plague (okay fine not the plague but it was a horrible stomach bug haha) and I literally held together long enough to finish AND THEN PROMPTLY DIED. This is my ghost typing btw. My ghost says hi. But anyway. RANDOM ALERT FROM CAIT HEH. But I hope you feel better soon and food stops being mean to you!!

    And don’t worry about horribleness of first drafts, just remember that. ;) Everything can be fixed with editing/rewriting. Also is there cake in this book? I just need to check yes…

    1. I KNOW RIGHT. I wrote that last line right at the end of a Word War XD Rose is definitely a little barbarian child XD I love her.

      Sanks, babe ^.^ (I just told you like all my health stuff in an email so now I feel bad for making you read it all twice).

      There isn’t cake SO FAR but I am doing pretty well feeding my characters. Rose sometimes forget to eat for like three days and her gang has to kind of force feed her. It’s hilarious XD

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