~So I’m doing a thing~

Yo, I said I probably wouldn’t have a post out today but here I am. I have something to tell y’all that couldn’t wait. (I also didn’t want to risk forgetting XD)


I’m doing a thing.

Guys I’m gonna do NaNo.

I wasn’t going to because the last two years it’s ruined my writing game for months afterwards, but Wednesday I started reading Chris Baty(the founder of NaNo)’s book and… I had to do it. This is most definitely a dumb idea because I had five days to plan, but thankfully the story I chose is already fleshed out enough that I have plenty of material to work with.

This is still definitely a dumb idea but I’m embracing it XD

Okay, but about Chris Baty’s book though. I read half of it on Wednesday during my flights. (Yep, traveling again.) Now, a) I hardly ever read while flying, b) it’s hard to find a writing book I really get into and enjoy, c) it’s nonfiction, which is even harder for me to get into, especially while being in a place like a plane, d) I can’t think of any more reasons. But you get the point.

BUT BY THE SECOND PAGE I WAS ITCHING TO WRITE AGAIN. ITCHING. I’ve been out of my writing groove for months but by the time I got even a few pages in, I was craving it again. And by page five I had decided to do NaNo, even though there were only five days left in October.

I’m so excited. Since last November I had decided not to do NaNo again because it messes me up so bad, but a few months ago I started yearning for it. Cue self control and rationalism to keep that in check.

But I threw all that out after I started reading No Plot No Problem. I’ll fight through whatever happens after NaNo, but right now, I’m going to throw myself into it and enjoy every moment.

~Yo Pickle


10 thoughts on “~So I’m doing a thing~

  1. HURRAY! That is so awesome! :D EMBRACE YOUR INNER INSANITY AND WRITE NANO WITH US! XD I’m so excited for you that you’re excited again (I know that writing-slump feeling as I’ve been stuck outside the writing groove since last December…) AND I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK!!! You’ve got this, you awesome Pickle, you! ^_^

  2. Eeeep, I hope this goes super well for you!! And I’m really glad you’re inspired to write again THAT IS THE MOST EXCITING THING.


    I hope you have the BEST time with it!!!

    I MUST read No Plot No Problem sometime! I’ve only been meaning to since I started NaNo…7 years ago. *cough* But it sounds amazing and yes! NEED.

    Happy NaNo’ing! I’m just soooo ecstatic you’re joining us crazies this year! XD

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