~Traveling recap/Monthly recap/I am not dead/Omo life is crazy help.

Okay so. First. Yes I am alive. I’m sorry I didn’t get this post out last Saturday but life has been(still is?) CRAZY and I will tell you all if you just calm your little pickle selves and be patient.

I’m probably going to forget half the things I want to metion but WHATEVS.

(yo i never say ‘whatevs’)

This recap will be more of a jumbled ramble than the nicely categorized thing it usually is. Here we go.


So I know I mentioned trying to snapchat and instagram my travels and trust me I TRIED GUYS. I really tried. But it was way harder than I expected it to be, trying to get pictures and snaps of various parts of the airport. So I apologize, but there’s no giant batch of pictures and video like I wanted to have. But I will make up for it by telling you about my trip.

I went to California first to see family and celebrate my niece’s first birthday. BEING AN AUNT IS SO FUN OKAY? But I’m not just an aunt… I’m an auntie. Complete with New England accent XD My sister-in-law is from New England and she dubbed me as Auntie Lisa from the beginning which I am SO OKAY WITH. My niece is officially the most precious adorable cutie to EVER.


She was the sole one of the main reasons I wanted to go to California this time. I hadn’t seen her since she was a few days old.

Then I went to Iowa to visit my best friend and help her with wedding preparations. I also watched Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and… honestly I was NOT expecting to love it that much o__o Truthfully I was expecting to be disturbed by it and possibly not sleep well that night (but I still wanted to watch it anyway) BUT I DIDN’T. I LOVED IT AND I WASN’T EVEN CREEPED OUT. I also watched Captain America: Civil War while I was in California and I really want to write a movie review post, but since it’s been several weeks then I’m not sure if that will happen. I think I write review posts best right when I come away from reading//watching something. We shall see though.

I came back Monday the 10th. I was originally returning on the 8th and even after I changed my flights, I kept telling people I was returning on the 8th. But it worked out well after all because Hurricane Matthew blew through North Carolina Saturday(the 8th) and if I had come back then my flight would most definitely have been delayed. It’s amazing to look back and see how God works stuff out and things we thought we were doing for one reason was actually Him doing something for a totally different reason.

So I got back home Monday, went to work with my mom on Tuesday, and then Wednesday my family and I popped down to South Carolina to look at houses. We’re contemplating a move down to South Carolina, so we stayed there into Thursday and then drove home. All while I was cutting a wisdom tooth. It wasn’t causing me pain but, man, was I exhausted. And THEN I had to get up and go to work on Friday. Hence you see why this post didn’t get written until this week.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. This week I’m house sitting until Sunday and next week I’m flying back to Iowa for a few days.



I’m okay with all the craziness though. These days of house sitting are giving me a chance to rest a bit (and binge on OUAT >.>) so I think I’ll be fine when I fly out again next week. This has changed some of my plans relating to my Etsy Shop. I haven’t had time to make more inventory like I hoped, but I am grateful for the dragon orders I’ve received. My shop will reopen as planned on November 1st.

Before I left for California I posted a story on Wattpad! I don’t thiiiiiiiink I’ve mentioned it on here yet, but I may have. Don’t Jump In Puddles You Can’t See The Bottom Of is available for all you lovely followers to read. Hop over there and read it’s five chapters. You won’t regret it, trust me. It’s hilarious. I made myself laugh so many times when I went through and line edited it. This story was a total fun fling that no plotting went into aside from waiting until I had enough ideas that I felt I could string them together coherently enough to make sense.

i legit wrote that

AND. GUESS WHAT. Binging on TV shows apparently DOES have benefits because today I am brimming with inspiration to go continue writing the sequel, which I started on the plane on my way to California. As soon as I wrap up this post I’m going to pop over to Scrivener and see what sort of trouble I can get my characters into.

(actually, it’s more like what kind of trouble can I get them out of. I’ve already put them into plenty XD)

I feel like there are a million things I’m forgetting. I’m trying to keep my posting to Saturdays and eventually be posting every single Saturday, but I won’t have a post up next week because I’ll be in Iowa. I’m hoping once I come home again I’ll be able to settle into some sort of routine and have posts up regularly.

But you know how well those types of plans go for me XD

We shall see.

Love you guys,

~Your Pickle



8 thoughts on “~Traveling recap/Monthly recap/I am not dead/Omo life is crazy help.

  1. Eeeep, so much busy, Lisa!! AND YOUR NIECE IS SO CUTE. LIKE WHEN YOU SAID CUTE I DIDN’T THINK IT WAS THAT LEVEL OF SHEER ADORABLENESS. Awwww. *heart melts* I’ve been hanging out with my nieces/nephew so much this weekend and they’re adorable but less adorable when the 1yo thinks that showing affection totally equals slapping an aunt in the face. -_- I mean. Child, please. (She kissed me to make up for it though and like..I got drenched. Babies. GOOD THING THEY’RE CUTE BECAUSE THEY’RE ALSO SOGGY.)😂
    Woooo for getting inspiration from watching TV shows too!!
    And I’m off to read the wattpad short story!! FINALLY. I KNOW. I’M AWFUL AND THE WORST.


      Yes YES go read Puddles, Cait! I NEED YOU TO READ THAT STORY SO BAD OKAY.

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