~#WIPjoy FINAL DAY: Gushiness and goodbyes and all that gross stuff.

SO today’s prompt is supposed to be “Remind us what your WIP is about. Now everyone RT/share your favorites and state why you love them!”

But I am a rebellious teenager child.

And I like to break all the rules.

(Okay not for actual real, I’m just being dramatic)

BUT. I’m not following this prompt because it’s quite heavy Twitter related, and I think we need to have a proper goodbye to Dement because


I’m actually putting it aside for now.

It’s been about eight months since I first started this draft and that’s just way too long to drag it out. I could have finished it in May if I hadn’t gotten a job, but since then I’ve never been able to pick it back up the way I had it this past spring. I’m not getting anywhere by beating my head against a wall, so I’ve decided to let it go. I don’t believe it will be gone forever, it’s too great a story to drift off and never return, but it needs some time by itself to re-percolate and replot itself into a better, fuller version.

It makes me sad because this reiteration of it was so good and I had such high hopes for it, but I’m confident that it will come back to me again when it’s ready.

As for #WIPjoy, I want to thank ALL of you again for spending this month with me. I love doing these post series’ and I can’t wait for the next one. (I think it’ll be in January? Bethany Jennings seems to do this about every three months.) I will feature a different book then as I have a few rattling around in my head that need attention, so that will definitely be something to look forward to.

Shennachie asked a question on one of the Character Take Over Week posts, so I will leave you with Reggie and Nevvy to answer.

Coffee or tea? And how do you take it?

Reggie: Coffee. Black. There is no other way.

Nev: *whispers* Hazelnut mocha.

Reggie: That is disgusting and an abomination to the name of coffee.

Nev: *sing-song voice* with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Reggie: THAT’S NOT EVEN COFFEE. Why not just drink hazelnut creamer if you’re going to dilute it so much you can’t taste the actual coffee anymore?

Nev: It is too, coffee. They sell it in the coffee shop.

Reggie: They sell smoothies and tea there too.

Nev: Hey, speaking of tea, that was part of the question.

Reggie: I drink tea when it’s served at the Capital, but not on my own.

Nev: I like tea, as long as it has sugar in it.

Reggie: What is it with you and doctoring up all your drinks?

Nev: What is it with you being such a drink purist?

Reggie: There’s a certain way certain things should be and you just can’t mess with them.

Nev: If you say so.


6 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy FINAL DAY: Gushiness and goodbyes and all that gross stuff.

  1. So this post is full of HAPPY AND SAD FEELS. </3 I hope Dement comes back to you when it's ready (and when you're ready!!) and that we all get to eventually find out the ending. (Because, like, I HAVE QUESTIONS.) And I loooved their little coffee-banter at the end there, although I'm siding with Reggie. The less you put in coffee, the better. TAKE IT BLACK LIKE YOUR SOUL YO. <— I used it. So proud of me. :') 😂

    1. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU AND YOUR SLANGING. I hope Dement comes back soon too ^.^ And you can totally ask me questions, you don’t need to wait until I write the end, unless you want to.

  2. You answered the coffe and tea question! Yay!
    That’s always an important question- It helps to understand the characters, even in small ways. And now I know how to host them (should the occasion ever arise).

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