~#WIPjoy Day 29: Shout out to writer friends who inspire you~

Shout out to writer friends who inspire you.

WELL. I could be here for a very very long time answering this. Also I’m probably going to end up mentioning basically all my friends so yeah.

Actual inspiration:

Ellie. This girl constantly comes up with amazing ideas and spins and twists. I wish I had thought up so many of the things she has. She makes me want to go write epic things.

Ashes. Her writing is so beautiful and grand and old-world I just UGH. I simultaneously want to drown in her writing and go write great things myself.

Mirriam Neal. She writes about tough subjects and doesn’t flinch when she shines light into dark, grimy corners of the world. I admire her strength and resolve. She inspires me to stand up and not be ashamed or afraid.

Encouragement and motivation:

My Wendy Bean. Apparently she waits with bated breath for me to update Dementophobia on Wattpad and EXCUSE ME AWWWW. (also omo i’m so sorry cuz I didn’t update at all for like four months I feel terrible)

Vandi. She drives a hard bargain but when I really need someone to kick me into gear, she’s there to do it, and always in a truly evil and rotten way XD

There for me:

My babes, Vandi and Jamie. They put up with my whining and wailing and groaning about writing.

Cait. I had such a hard time deciding which category to put Cait into, but I finally settled for this one because I do quite a lot of whining to her, but she does it right back to me. It’s nice to know there’s someone else out there beating their head against a wall just as hard as I am XD (She’s also quite inspiring because she writes 100k in like five days???? Maybe that’s just sick, not inspiring…)

Ppl I can’t not mention:

My Twitter crowd: God gathered our group together and we became a thing right when I needed some more people in my life– a need I didn’t even know was there. These bbys bring me so much joy and I’m grateful for every conversation we have.

The Pack: This amazing group has been around for nearly three years and they’re more family to me than anyone I’m related to by blood. I’m so grateful for their place in my life. I know I can depend on them for anything.

 Tomorrow: THE LAST DAY OF #WIPjoy *cue crying* It’s supposed to be remind everyone what my book is about and retweet/share your favorites and state why you love them BUT I am a rebellious pickle and I have other things in mind.


6 thoughts on “~#WIPjoy Day 29: Shout out to writer friends who inspire you~

  1. OH HAPPY TEARS SO EMOTIONAL. *flaps about* 😜💕💕 You inspire me copiously, my writerly friend. Plus having someone to mutually whine to is glorious. We must keep this up.💕😂

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